Jackie’s Brooklyn Bedroom

published Apr 10, 2015
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Name: Jackie
Location: Brooklyn, NY

About 8 months ago, I moved from Los Angeles to New York City for a new job. In Los Angeles I was accustomed to having my own space — my own studio apartment, my own car, my own private little bubble of space on the sidewalk — so New York City was a bit of a shock for me. Everyone is so crowded together on the subway all the time, and even though my two roommates are absolutely amazing, there are still times when I crave 5 minutes by myself.

My bedroom in my Brooklyn apartment is currently my favorite place on earth because it’s the only place in New York City that is completely mine. The ceilings are tall and I have two huge windows, so the room is always very bright. I have a closet (a New York miracle!) and hardwood floors, and my room is connected to the fire escape in case a murderer ever breaks in and I need to flee (my roommates and I watch too much Law and Order).

n terms of decor, my room is very simplistic — I like having white as the base for everything — white walls, white bedspread, white curtains — and so I have kept the decor very minimal as well. I travel a ton, both for work and for fun (I do the social media for Rail Europe and also run a personal travel blog, so much of my decor is travel-themed.

I also have a few mementos given to me by friends who have traveled, my two favorite items being the collection of postcards I’ve been sent throughout the years and a pillow made from fabric that my sister brought back for me from her stay in Guinea, Africa.

Other than that, my room basically consists of the things I carried over in three suitcases from LA to NYC: a few books, too many clothes, and a cool art poster from the 80s that was my dad’s and has traveled with me from LA to Chicago back to LA and now to NYC. It’s the perfect little combination of all of my travels and a quiet haven where I can escape the noise and chaos of the busiest city I have ever experienced!

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Thanks, Jackie!

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