Janice & Jacob’s Home of Magical Curiosities

published Oct 28, 2014
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(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Name: Janice Erlacher & Jacob Riesenburger of Bermuda Dream and Flea Market Safari + cats, Vinny & Kitty
Location: Historic Howell Station in West Midtown; Atlanta, Georgia
Size: 1,500 square feet
Years lived in: 5 months; Renting

A friend of mine in New York heard I had been doing home tours in Atlanta, and immediately said I needed to check out Janice and Jacob’s place. When I was welcomed into their home to see for myself, I was instantly transported into a time of childhood wonderment and fanciful nostalgia.

(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)
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Front Porch – Janice’s handmade macrame spider web (Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Stepping into their home was instantly inviting, that true essence of a home, connected by memories upon memories that had been lived and shared in that place. Which is why it came as a surprise to find they had only been in their home a few months! Nothing felt forced or contrived; it was as if Janice and Jacob planted a seed, and the rest grew around them organically. Every item in their home is either handmade, some sort of familial rummaging happenstance, or finds throughout their travels together. From Florida, to Echo Park, and now Atlanta, Janice and Jacob have spent years collecting and surrounding themselves with keepsakes that lend themselves to a few good stories to share with anyone lucky enough to drop in.

Luckily for us, many of their collected treasures are for sale via their shops Bermuda Dream and Flea Market Safari if you’re looking to add a little of that same enchantment to your habitat and wardrobe.

(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Janice — Dreamy vintage and handmade goodness. It’s warm with touches of southwestern whimsy and retro kitsch. It’s magical, full of natural treasures and artistic oddities. It’s bohemian, eclectic, and a little creepy.
Jacob — Flea Market Safari.

Inspiration: We’re both inspired by nature, junkyards, and periods of times past.

Favorite Element: Janice — Practically everything we own is older than we are. We have so many eras and styles represented in our house, yet everything comes together in a cohesive way. And I love how the kittens have a lot of different windows to look out of in this house.
Jacob — This is my element, I like everything.

Biggest Challenge: Janice — Arranging the furniture in such compartmentalized rooms, and finding places to put all of our tchotchkes.
Jacob — Hanging all the saguaro cactus skeletons.

What Friends Say: Most people, friends and strangers alike, say our place is like a museum.

Biggest Embarrassment: Janice — All the cat-scratched stuff.
Jacob — That I don’t have any taxidermy.

Proudest DIY: We agree on our garment racks, and currently Janice’s macramé spider web on the porch. We may just keep it there long after Halloween!

Biggest Indulgence: The couch set and materials for the pipe garment rack are at a tie price wise. Also, the big amethyst geode was a bit of a splurge and probably the best purchase ever. Everything else was relatively inexpensive or free, i.e. handed down from our parents.

Best Advice: Janice — Be conscious of where your furnishings are coming from. Try to only buy things that you absolutely love and see yourself owning for years to come. Avoid mass-produced items and cheaply made plastics as much as possible. Go for handmade, locally sourced, or vintage items instead. Keep your place tidy and make sure all your hangers match.
Jacob — Stop shopping at Ikea.

Dream Sources: Janice — Flea markets, antique stores, Etsy, Renaissance festivals, travels, beaches, archaeological digs, ancient civilizations, enchanted forests…
Jacob — To have the tools and the knowledge to build everything I ever need.

(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Resources of Note:


  • It was painted like this when we moved in. Love the green bedroom, not too fond of the rest.


  • Couch set, board games, knick-knacks, artwork, table lamps and hanging lamp — thrift stores, yard sales, junkyards, flea markets
  • Chests, cow rug, framed mask, small side tables, teal wood planks — Jacob’s parents
  • Larger side table, floor lamp, weavings, stereo cabinet, cactus skeleton — Janice’s parents
  • Shades — Home Depot
  • Macrame wall hanging & spider web — handmade by Janice


  • Knick-knacks, artwork, most books, apple boxes, chairs, bookshelves, rusty crates, showcase, typewriter, natural treasures — thrift & antique stores, junkyards, flea markets, found
  • Table, large chair, mirrors, large horns, large tortoise shell, mosaic creatures, bug pictures, small desk, framed cat picture & “bad kitty” wall hanging, ceramic mask — Jacob’s parents
  • Saguaro cactus skeletons, wicker chest, antique books, old man & bird figurines, bird cage, candle holders, wooden tray, most records, small turtle shell — Janice’s parents
  • Mosaic pot, ceramic head & tiny mask, bronze succulent, small painting — handmade by Janice


  • Table, artwork, glassware, knick-knacks, bottle opener, hanging basket — Craigslist, thrifted, flea markets
  • Stool, magnetic spice racks, crochet doily — Jacob’s parents
  • Canisters, ceramic tray — Janice’s parents


  • Dresser & mirror, glassware, ceramics, trash can, metal wall art, table lamp, knick-knacks, skeleton wall art — Craigslist, thrifted, yard sales
  • Bed frame, corner shelf, floor lamp, large mask, side tables, hutch— Jacob’s parents
  • Large macrame plant hanger, artwork, nightstands, chair, skull cactus skeleton lamp, small decorative table, jewelry box — Janice’s parents
  • Bedding & curtains — Bed, Bath & Beyond ; Curtain rods were already here
  • Hanging lamp — eBay
  • Skulls, bones & crystals — Quartzsite, AZ, Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, found
  • Small macrame plant hanger & muslin basket — handmade by Janice ; Calendar — handmade by Jacob & Janice w/ materials from Frame of Mind in Glendale, CA & Home Depot


  • Knick-knacks, old 48 star American flag, bird lamp, wooden wall art, paper cutter — thrifted, flea markets
  • Teal hutch, tree slab stool, parking meter lamp — Jacob’s parents
  • Workbench, large cactus skeleton, cactus lamp, card table, wooden chair — Janice’s parents
  • Fan — Etsy shop marybethhale
  • Wooden sculpture — handmade by Janice ; Painting — handmade by Jacob & Janice


  • Tanker desk, chicken coop table, knick-knacks, Hollywood Blvd parking meter (shh..), some masks — Craigslist, thrifted, found
  • Lockers, most masks, table lamps — Jacob’s parents
  • Wood desk, far left mask, frog in chair, wood sewing boxes — Janice’s parents
  • Mirror & hangers — Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Crystals (including all crystals throughout the house) — Quartzsite, AZ
  • Garment racks — handmade by Jacob & Janice w/ materials from Home Depot
  • Charcoal drawing, starry sky painting, ceramic sculpture — handmade by Janice ; Abstract paintings — handmade by Jacob & Janice
(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

Thanks, Janice and Jacob!

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