3 Little Home Resolutions I’m Making for 2020: A January Letter From the Editor

published Jan 6, 2020
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The last New Year’s resolution I kept was kicking a diet soda habit back at the beginning of 2012. Since then, I’ve had middling success with starting new habits at the beginning of the year, but ultimately forgetting about them as the months wore on. I love the symmetry of a New Year’s resolution, but it was hard for me to make it work in real life (and obviously I’m not the only one—about 80 percent of resolutions fail). So over the last few years, I’ve started a different New Year tradition. 

I always spend NYE at home with my husband, watching movies, playing board games, making cocktails, and eating fancy takeout. But I introduced another ritual, as well, where we look back at the year and share the standout moments (your phone camera is a great visual reminder if you start scrolling back) and the not-so-great moments. Then we share our goals and intentions for the year ahead, along with what we’re most excited for. One year, for instance, I set a goal of getting a new stamp in my passport after a bit of a travel rut. Another year I said I wanted to make the effort to see out-of-state friends more often.

This year, I have a few goals for my home and personal space.

1. Buy a fake plant. This sounds small and maybe a little lame, but last year I invested in my first large plant—and spent the next few months watching it die. I let it sit dead near a window for a few more months before I finally acknowledged that it wasn’t coming back. Going faux felt like a plant-parent failure, but some corners simply don’t have enough light. So I’m going to invest in a really great one and will report back.

2. Start meal planning. A few weeks ago, our favorite meal kit delivery service was abruptly suspended. We researched a few new ones before deciding to meal plan on our own each week. We started last night, using a template from our food site, The Kitchn. My first grocery delivery comes tomorrow—wish me luck.

3. Spend a little more time at home. I’m a natural-born homebody, and every year I put some pressure on myself to leave it (see the travel and visit goals above). I’m so glad I do—my instinct might be to stay put, but the lasting memories are often built by pushing myself. But this year, I also want to give myself permission to stay home guilt-free when I need it. Apartment Therapy sent out a newspaper to some friends, clients, and partners at the end of 2019, where I wrote about why staying in can be the best kind of self-care. I wrote: “Staying in, of course, is a privilege itself: Those of us lucky enough to have comfortable, safe homes, are aware that this isn’t a given. It means you don’t have to spend that time working or taking care of someone else. And it makes me appreciate the time spent in mine even more. Committing to time at home, whether it’s New Year’s Eve or an hour on a random Friday night, means I have the energy to show up when it really matters most. It also motivates me to create the space I want to come home to—another to-do, perhaps, but one with a rich reward.”

When it comes to things I’m excited about for 2020, I have many for Apartment Therapy. Here are two I can share so far.

1. Small/Cool is Back! Yes, I heard your many, many requests to bring Small/Cool back thank you for your devotion and patience. We’re making it happen this year. The contest will return this spring—I cannot wait to see your innovative, creative, small and cool real-life spaces for 2020. We’re also bringing small/cool to life! Apartment Therapy is partnering with Industry City in Brooklyn to create 20 small/cool spaces for 2020: Each of our 20 designers (including Apartment Therapy’s brilliant home director Danielle Blundell) will focus on one trend to know about this year. The experience will take place at Industry City, home to the Brooklyn Design District, the weekend of April 3-5. I hope to meet some of you there—you can sign up right below to get more information about (totally free) tickets as it becomes available.

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2. The 2020 January Cure. This program officially launched today, and I’m so excited for the month ahead. Run by our lifestyle director, Taryn Williford, the Cure is one of our highlights of the entire year. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a month-long program full of bite-sized daily assignments to help you get your home in a better, happier place for 2020. We have more people than ever joining us already—welcome! And if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here:

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This month, we’ll also release our 2020 Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year (check out 2019’s here), a week dedicated to 1920s style, design, and architecture (since we are, after all, back in the ’20s), and tons of inspiring house tours from professional organizers.

Do you have things you’d like to see on the site in 2020? Please share in the comments. I’d love to hear what your goals are and what you’re excited about at home for the new year, too.


Credit: Joe Lingeman / Apartment Therapy

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