11 Ways to Bring The Trendy Japandi Style Home, Starting at Just $40

published Dec 2, 2021
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Japandi design may seem like something of a trend on Instagram, Pinterest, and in stores right now — but the style which blends Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, is based off of ideas that are thousands of years old. Japandi exists at the intersection of the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi, or appreciating beauty in natural imperfections, and the Danish concept of hygge, that feeling of cozy comfort. The cross-regional aesthetic makes perfect sense; both locales appreciate simple, functional furnishings, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, and using subdued colors often found in nature. 

So, what does Japandi look like in practice? Think minimalist rooms that look uncluttered but inviting — relaxing but still visually interesting, thanks to handmade touches, pops of texture, and earthy colors. If you’re looking to get more of this vibe into your home, the pieces below will get you started (and at a reasonable price, at that). One quick note: there’s no real rule that pieces have to be sourced from Japan or Scandinavia. However, if you can afford handcrafted items from either locale, that’s all the better for channeling the true essence of this look.

1. Terra Rug 

Neutral colors, interesting texture, and handcrafted? This rug (above) has everything Japandi style values. The rug is actually inspired by artist Elan Byrd’s original natural fiber artwork, and each one is hand-knotted. Rugs also add to a room’s coziness, so this piece speaks to the notion of hygge as well.

Buy: Terra Rug by Elan Byrd, Starts at $1,498.00 for a 6’ by 9’ rug from Lulu & Georgia 

Credit: Schoolhouse

2. White Ash Baskets

A hallmark of Japandi style is keeping clutter at bay, and what better way to do that than by keeping loose items in a beautiful basket? Each one is handmade from Appalachian Ash trees from Maine and Vermont, then finished with leather handles. Because these baskets are made of natural materials, variations will occur in each piece. Beauty in imperfection, right?

Buy: White Ash Baskets, Starts at $99.00 from Schoolhouse  

3. Keenan Large Sideboard

If you look closely, you can see that the lines on this splurge-worthy teak sideboard are all irregular. Some are bigger, smaller, fatter — the differences give it that organic feeling that’s so essential to Japandi style. The designs on this piece are also inspired by Japanese block printing, and the wood is responsibly-sourced.

Buy: Keenan Large Sideboard, $2,299.00 from Crate & Barrel

4. Ida Table Lamp

Rattan is one of the most utilized materials in Japandi decor, and this table lamp mixes rattan and wood to create a two-tone effect. The lantern design gives off a soft, warm light that makes a space feel cozy and intimate.

Buy: Ida Table Lamp, $89.00 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: CB2

5. Drift Natural Teak Root Side Table

Artisans shape and sand natural teak root from Indonesia into this statement-making square side table with live edges. This is another product that varies from piece to piece because of the natural materials, so each one will have different graining, crevices, and tones. Each table is finished with a clear matte top coat, so it’s also safe to put your drink on.

Buy: Drift Natural Teak Root Side Table, $199.00 from CB2

Credit: Burke Decor

6. Savion Woven Wall Hanging in Black & Cream

This woven wall hanging adds visual interest to neural walls. Black or dark details also help to create contrast in a room, so think about adding in smaller black items like vases, bowls, and lighting to carry out this effect in your Japandi-inspired space.

Buy: Savion Woven Wall Hanging in Black & Cream, $60.00 from Burke Decor 

Credit: West Elm

7. Ceramic Totem Vase

It’s not all about wood and rattan with Japandi design; it’s about the natural forms of objects, too. These ceramic vases are sculpted by hand then glazed with a gray finish to reveal some of the natural color underneath. The artistic details are interesting enough that you can leave this vessel empty, but in the spirit of Japandi design, try filling it with greenery.

Buy: Ceramic Totem Vase, Starts at $40.00 from West Elm

Credit: Coterie

8. Crosby Pillow Cover

Layers of cream, sage, olive, and rust make up the perfectly Japandi palette of this intricate hand-woven pillow cover. The natural cotton may come with small snags or imperfections, but that’s what makes the piece so beautiful.

Buy: Crosby Pillow Cover, $58.00 from Coterie Brooklyn

Credit: All Modern

9. Atticus Solid Wood Dining Chairs

Another fun way to bring darker elements into a room scheme is with furniture. The black frame on these chairs creates a beautiful contrast in both the chair and a room overall. The seat and back have a cane finish, which feels both Japandi-inspired and retro at the same time. 

Buy: Atticus Solid Wood Dining Chairs, $670.00 for a Set of 2 from All Modern

Credit: The Sill

10. Potted Philodendron

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces is a big part of this look, as is bringing nature indoors. You may not have a setup that allows for the perfect indoor/outdoor living room, but adding a potted plant is a great way to liven up a space and tap into the Japandi ethos.

Buy: Philodendron, $62.00 from The Sill

Credit: Etsy

11. Mountains Wooden Wall Art 

Adding major texture to a wall is tricky when you’re renting, but these wooden wall art pieces allow you to get a Japandi-esque statement without losing your security deposit. Try hanging two panels above the bed as a makeshift headboard.

Buy: Mountains Wooden Wall Art, $159.00 from Etsy