Instagram Is Obsessed With Jennifer Garner’s Smart Signboard

published Feb 8, 2021
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Credit: Vestaboard

Earlier this month, Jennifer Garner treated her Instagram followers to a hilarious post, wishing them a “Happy January 85th” using the smart signboard that has made more than a few appearances on her Instagram feed.

“I need this board in my life. Where can I buy it?” one person asked in the comments, with another adding, “This board makes me so nostalgic for old Penn Station.”

The way the letters, numbers, symbols, and colors tick into existence is very reminiscent of the train station departure boards (often called Solari boards) of yore, which have become endangered as digital alternatives have kicked them to the curb. But, Vestaboard is bringing the classic ticking signboard back in a very “smart” way.

The Vestaboard is a high-tech signboard that can be customized through an app on your iOS or Android device. It can display up to 132 characters at a time, including all the colors of the rainbow, and messages can be pre-scheduled, synced, or automated through your phone or tablet.

The board can show you what’s playing on your music app, who tweeted what, or display a shifting variety of different colors and patterns to uplift and brighten your day.

Garner was one of Vestaboard’s first customers, and she’s clearly fallen in love with the smart signboard, often using it as a backdrop to her Instagram posts. The board has only just hit the market in late 2020 after several years of development.

A Vestaboard is quite the investment; it’ll set you back just under $3,000. They are also already on backorder, so if you choose to grab one now, you can expect your board to ship in July.