These Soft, Breathable Sheets Make It Possible for Me to Share a Bed with a Furnace (My Husband)

published Apr 8, 2022
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When it comes to my nightly bedtime routine, I have a few gripes. Sure, I’d like to bake in some more time for reading and be more consistent with my skincare routine, but my real issue comes to a head when it’s time to actually doze. You see, my husband is a very hot sleeper. I’m not talking like, “Oh the bed is nice and toasty” type of hot, either. I’m talking more like, “The bed feels like it’s on fire and I need to get all these sheets off me ASAP.” No matter the season or the temperature in our home, this is a reoccurring issue for us… or really just for me, since he tends to sleep soundly through his morph into a furnace.

Over the years, I’ve tried every sheet, comforter, duvet, pillow, and blanket geared toward cooling — most to no avail. Linen and percale sheets sometimes help keep me temperate, but they’re not always a sure thing. It wasn’t until I tried a set of Kassatex’s bamboo sateen sheets that I finally felt like I’d cracked the code on my permanently hot sleeping partner. Even better? I got AT readers an exclusive discount.

For starters, these sheets are serious lookers! They have a slight sateen sheen to them — which lends a high-end hotel vibe to my bed that I absolutely love — and come in a selection of better-than-neutral shades. I tried out the creamy Bisque, but I also happen to think the Silver Sage is quite lovely.

However, as aesthetically beautiful as these sheets are, I think their effectiveness comes down to their Goldilocks-like weight. Made from a combination of 60 percent rayon from bamboo and 40 percent cotton, they’re soft and breathable, with a barely there weight that keeps me feeling secure but cool when I sleep. I swear, every time I climb into bed it’s like these sheets envelop me with silky, cooling goodness — even if my husband has already beat me to bed. My side says temperate and comfortable, and I no longer have to kick all the sheets off myself in the middle of the night just to get some relief. But don’t just take my word for it — other reviewers feel the same way, touting the brand’s cooling effect as a total game changer. “These are so smooth and crisp,” says one happy sleeper. “It’s humid all year where I live and my husband is an especially hot sleeper, so these [sheets] are great on both fronts.”

I’ve had these Kassatex sheets in the rotation for a few months now, and my husband and I have both started sneaking them out of the freshly washed laundry pile and putting them right back on the bed instead of giving our other linens a chance — they’re just that good. And since AT readers (and writers!) get an exclusive 20 percent discount on the Kassatex Bamboo Sateen Collection with code APT20, I’m planning on snagging a few extra sets so I’m prepared for whatever summer throws our way. It’s so great to know that I’ll finally be getting some sweet, sweat-free shut-eye.

Buy: Kassatex Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set, Queen, $100 with code APT20 (normally $125)