I Somehow Own Way Too Many Robes, but This One Is Definitely My Favorite

published Jan 6, 2022
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Woman wipes face with a towel after taking a bath
Credit: Getty Images/ Sergey Mironov

You know how the old, well-known robe adage goes, right? The one that says a good robe isn’t very hard to find? No? Well, that’s because I made it up — but I have every right to. Somehow, between 10+ years of being a lifestyle editor, a pro bridesmaid, and having a known penchant for cozy items, I own… a lot of robes, most of which have proven their worth in my closet and dresser. My husband strongly disagrees, insisting I can’t possibly need that many (to be fair, they do take up some serious space). But I just love robes. So when I tell you that Kassatex’s Spa Luxury Robe is truly great — perhaps the best of the best in all that I’ve tried — you’ll want to listen up.

Kassatex is an elevated home brand that’s beloved at AT — our editors can’t say enough good things about their bath towels, hand towels, and sheets. The consensus is that their materials are incredibly soft, sturdy, and stand up to tons of trips to the washing machine. But what about loungewear?

I quickly found out that the Kassatex Spa Luxury Robe is not your average robe. If you’re looking for something delicate or sheer, this isn’t what you want. But if you’re looking for a robe that’s exactly like one you’d find neatly folded in a luxe spa just waiting for you after a treatment, you should add to cart now. It’s a grown woman’s robe, to put it mildly. It does not mess around. It’s a slight investment robe, if you will, at $100, but AT readers can get it for 20 percent off (and everything else sitewide!) with our exclusive code APT20. It’s very structured and durable, with a stylish collar and sash that show off a bit of the super-absorbent, comfortable terry lining. The hem hits me around my lower calf, so it’s almost full coverage, which is perfect for jumping into after a shower on a chilly night. And because it’s so breathable, I can wear it year round.

When I did my first test-drive pre-wash, I noticed that the microfiber exterior material was a little stiff; after washing it a few times, it was still just as structured and durable but a bit more cloud-like, too. I found myself reaching for it every night, and as I sat on the couch watching TV or working on my laptop, it even made that experience feel a little more special — like I was an actress in a Nancy Meyers movie who also happened to be watching TV or working on her laptop. It’s just that statement-making. Perhaps most importantly, it has roomy pockets, as all great loungewear should. And while it comes in four pretty colors, I stuck to classic white for a crisp look.

Do yourself a favor and gift yourself a New Year’s robe upgrade, feel like one of Nancy’s leading ladies, and take a trip to the spa in your own bathroom — all with one garment. I might be forced to downsize my robe inventory very soon, but this one will never leave my closet.

Buy: Kassatex Luxury Spa Robe, $80 with code APT20 (normally $100)