The Ingenious Amazon Gadget That’ll Keep Your Home Bug-Free All Summer (It Was Bought 10,000 Times Last Month!)

published Jun 3, 2024
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woman opens a window with a mosquito screen
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Bugs inside your home? No one wants that. When you’re outside, you’re on their turf, but your home is your sanctuary and there’s no reason for it to be overrun by flying critters just because you bought some fruit, own a houseplant, or left your window open for fresh air. With so many bug traps claiming to eradicate pests on the market, it’s hard to know which ones actually work. That said, there’s a reason why Amazon shoppers are buying the Katchy Indoor Insect Trap right now (it was purchased over 10,000 times this past month!). 

This little trap is so sleek that you might mistake it for a speaker — but there’s no mistaking its ability to clear your home of pests. Just plug it in, and it does the job for you — no swatting or cleanup involved. It magically removes *most* of the bugs from your home (it might not catch every single one, but it will make a huge difference!), allowing you to say goodbye to flying critters once and for all. 

What Is the KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap?

This sleek insect trap is super easy to use — just plug it in, turn it on, and watch as annoying pests quickly disappear from your home. The secret lies in a combination of UV light, a powerful fan, and a sticky glue board that traps fruit flies, mosquitoes, and gnats without a problem (some users even report that it catches larger bugs, too). Choose between its standard or low-speed setting and watch as it works its magic.

Prepare to be amazed (and slightly disgusted) by how many little bugs it catches. Just check the glue board — which you should replace monthly — to confirm. Apartment Therapy contributor Amy shares, “I replace my Katchy glue boards every couple of weeks, which is pretty much as close as I’m going to get to eradicating these little annoyances. They’re not completely gone … but if that’s the tradeoff for picking bananas and starfruit from my very own trees, then it’s totally worth it.” 

Credit: KATCHY

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 3.9/5

“This Katchy works great. It catches all kinds of bugs. It says it does not work on flies, but I caught several in mine. I bought one in 2022 and then when the 2023 summer came around I could not find it. So I bought another one and it worked perfectly. Well, I just took it out again in 2024, and it didn’t work. So I called customer service and they were so great. They are sending me a new one right away. Great company and great product.” —Nancy Dacey

“I live in Texas and the mosquitos this time of year can be brutal. I swear every time we let the dogs outside one probably flies in and then eats us alive while we are just watching TV, etc. Enough was enough so I did some research and this device seemed to be very popular. It got delivered the same day and within the first night, it caught three mosquitos plus some little bugs. Wow! Very happy with this purchase, as it’s going to save my family many mosquito welts in the future!” —Stefanie J

“This thing is great. It keeps my apartment flying insect-free. Since I bought this thing on an Amazon Special it has kept the flying insects away. It’s also entertaining when a fly gets trapped in the center of the fan and keeps trying to break free; they just can’t pull free of the power of the fan. If you don’t have one, get one. You’ll love it.” —Larry W Friend

This sleek insect trap combines a UV light, a powerful fan, and a glue board to capture annoying pests in your home. Place it next to you while you’re cutting up fruit, near plants that attract bugs, or in any problem area, and let it work its magic. It’s no wonder it’s been purchased over 10,000 times on Amazon just this past month.