Bright Paint and Finds from Target’s Kids’ Section Instantly Brighten This Parent’s Room

published Feb 25, 2024
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Wall decal in colorful bedroom.

Accidents happen — especially when there are kids in the house. And sometimes cleaning hacks, like using Dawn dish soap to remove stains, aren’t enough. When Kara Lauren Kirchhoff’s kid rubbed sticky slime all over their “really pretty bright yellow comforter,” it couldn’t be salvaged. But not all hope was lost — it meant they needed to take a trip to Target. 

However, when Kirchhoff was browsing Target’s bedding aisle for adults, they weren’t inspired by any of the linens. They wanted something that had pizzazz to match the rest of their colorful, bohemian home

“I was like, ‘Screw it, let’s see what’s in the kids’ aisle,’ and to my delight, they offered comforter sets up to a full/queen size. I love Target’s kids’ stuff. It’s all soooo cute, I have to physically restrain myself from buying all new stuff for my kids constantly,” Kirchhoff writes. “So while I wandered over there to pick up my spirits from my failed ‘adulting’ attempts and saw the leafy comforter, I just fell in love.”

Kirchhoff found a leafy green comforter, a bright-colored quilt, and a throw blanket in the kids’ section. Even though the items weren’t initially intended for grown-ups, they look sophisticated and, most importantly, fun in their bedroom. The leafy pattern on the comforter blends seamlessly with the surrounding greenery. 

“I liked that it wasn’t super matchy matchy to my existing color palette, but it coordinated enough,” Kirchhoff says. “And I just wanted something fun!”

The color palette in Kirchhoff’s room lends itself to the fun energy. Kirchhoff admits they get “bored easily and like to make changes often.” After painting fun murals in their kids’ bedrooms, they thought it’d be fun to do it in their own space. Because their home has several angles and triangles, they wanted to honor that while adding a big circle to juxtapose the more rigid lines. Shades like Valspar’s Sonoran Teal, Geometric Yellow, and Winter Flannel pair perfectly with Sherwin Williams’ Tropical Cay and Venomous to create the mural. 

Kirchhoff is a millennial parent who feels the same way they did in high school or college, so they don’t want to compromise on fun in their bedroom. Target’s kids’ aisle was the ideal place to find imagination and whimsy to add to their room. 

“I feel like when you start getting into the ‘adult’ stuff, it’s all just plain and boring,” Kirchhoff explains. “Like, ‘Oh, because you are an adult, you don’t like patterns anymore?!’ NO! I love patterns. I also am a big proponent of the dopamine decor stuff, which I’ve been doing for a long time now. If it brings me joy, then I’m in it to win it.”

Kirchhoff says they feel cozy in their space — especially with their kids’ artwork on the walls, vibrant colors, lush plants, and now the fun linens from Target’s kids’ section. If you appreciate the colorful elements in Kirchhoff’s bedroom, you’ll want to shop the links below and check out the full home tour

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