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It’s Finished! Take a Full Tour of Rebekah & Graeme’s Remodeled Open Kitchen

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(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)

Name: Graeme & Rebekah Molloy
Type of Project: Kitchen Remodel
Location: Chautauqua Park, Des Moines, Iowa
Type of building: 1920 Tudor

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Graeme and Rebekah crossed the finish line! Join them as they excitedly take you on a tour through their finished kitchen in all it’s completed glory.

The big project is done! Tell us a little bit about your new space. Have you used it yet? How satisfied are you with the outcome?

We are finally done and could not be more excited about the space! Cooking has been a game changer. With all of the extra counter space we really love cooking big meals and actually enjoying the time spent in there instead of rushing to get out of a cramped and stressful space. Sometimes I just sit in there and revel in its beauty, because I just can’t believe it is done and ours!

Kitchen sink area. (Image credit: Rebekah Molloy)
Our new dining area. (Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
Dishwasher Dreams Realized! (Image credit: Rebekah Molloy)
It was a lot of work to get the right finish for these drawer pulls, but I love how they turned out! They were originally bright shiny brass and it felt too stiff for the new space, so I used a brass bronzing solution (and a lot of patience) to create the final look! (Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
This faucet has turned out to be more than just a pretty face! She is a work horse! (Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
We hadn’t planned on getting a new sink, but after talking to our contractor we decided on an under mount option and we are really happy we went that route. Cleaning the counters around it has been so easy and we love the seamless look it adds. (Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
I love our little wall of shelves! We created them using IKEA brackets (that I ended up spray painting three different times until we landed with solid black). PRO TIP stair treads at Home Depot fit perfectly inside the brackets! All other wood was either too thick or thin so this was a great (and surprising) solution! (Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)

What is your favorite element of the new room?

The dishwasher has been amazing to have (how did we go so long without one?) We just found out we’re pregnant too so I am beyond thrilled to have the extra help of that washer come winter (and baby)! Also, the gas range was so worth it. Cooking with it is amazing!

However, can the WHOLE room be my favorite element? I just love the extra cabinetry (and the two tone finish, which just turned out delicious) and the counter space is beyond what I expected. Also, the counters themselves are gorgeous. We are just so excited to entertain and cook and grow our tiny tribe in this wonderful new space!

(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)
(Image credit: Rebekah & Graeme)

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