This Smart Hack Makes Refilling Your Sink Soap Dispenser So Much Easier

published Sep 13, 2023
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Having a built-in soap dispenser installed in your kitchen sink is undeniably convenient, but refilling the soap can be a tedious task. One TikToker figured out an easy (and affordable) way to make the process a little more seamless, and you’ll wonder how you lived so many years without trying it.

Decor enthusiast Sana Sherwani (aka @apieceofmyglamhome) recently shared the helpful hack, captioning the clip, “Stop refilling your soap dispensers often — try this hack!” Sherwani purchased a sink soap dispenser tube kit ($15) from Amazon, sharing how to use it in the clip. “Simply remove the bottle that is attached to the soap dispenser. Insert the tube extension into the hole in the counter and place the pump back in its place. Under the sink, pass the tube through the cap and place the other end of the tube in the bigger bottle of soap.”

Sherwani’s clip quickly racked up more than two million views, and commenters were fascinated by how easy and hassle-free the technique is. “We’ve done this for years, it’s amazing how much less soap you need to use,” shared one person. Another said, “It’s so ridiculous how we can go along for years without thinking of something simple like this.” Several commenters called it “genius,” with one user joking, “You know for some reason after getting annoyed at refilling it all the time, I never thought about this.”

Some users mentioned issues with the soap traveling through the pump during the first use, with Sherwani noting in the comments section that “the very first time you have to pump 10-12 times,” adding, “since the pipe is long it takes times for the soap to travel up to the pump but just the first time after that you won’t have any issue at all.” 

So while it might take some initial patience, the payoff will be well worth it when you’re not trying to refill with a funnel or making a soapy mess all over the kitchen. A win-win all the way around.

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