This $24 Renter-Friendly Amazon Find Instantly Adds Chic Lighting Anywhere (No Drilling Needed!)

published Feb 3, 2023
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When you move into a new place, whether it’s a studio apartment or a multi-story house, there are a few things that are (relatively) easy to change to make the space feel like home. You can add rugs to make rooms appear cozier, swap in window curtains that match your style, and paint all (or just some) of the walls in a color you actually want to live with. One thing that’s unfortunately not easy to change, though? Your lighting.

If you’re not ready to shell out money for professionals to install new ceiling or wall lights, your options for changing the lighting in your home are limited. Floor lamps are a great way to fill spaces with warm and soft light, and when you want to wind down in the evening, they’re easier on the eyes than most overhead lights. Table lamps are much the same only in a smaller size. But beyond that? There’s not a whole lot of options! That’s why we love these self-adhesive, rechargeable wall lights (that you can snag on Amazon for $24). They’re an incredibly easy way to add light to anywhere in your home and are much more versatile than regular lamps.

Traditionally, adding lights to your walls required hiring an electrician to connect a lot of wires. But because these lights have an adhesive backing that secures them to any kind of wall — tile, brick, and painted drywall — you can install them yourself in a few seconds. While they’re magnetized in place on their wall mounts you can rotate them in any direction, so they can light up an entire space or shine a spotlight on one concentrated area. And if you ever want to relocate them, it’s not a problem! The 3M adhesive peels off cleanly without causing damage or leaving unsightly residue behind, and each light’s adhesive strip can be reused multiple times.

Unlike floor or table lamps, these lights also don’t require an electrical outlet to stay on. Each one can be disconnected from the wall mount and charged via an included USB-C cable. After achieving a full charge, which takes three hours, it has 15 hours of battery life. With that kind of portability, you can place these lights virtually anywhere in your home: inside closets and pantries, on your headboard for a reading light, or in your entryway to brighten it up. And if you ever need a flashlight in a pinch, you can pluck it off the wall and go handheld mode with it. Even the most expensive lamp can’t help you like that in an emergency.

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The only feature I feel like these nifty gadgets are missing is some kind of wireless control capability. There is no remote or phone app you can use to turn the lights on or off, it’s all done simply but manually by tapping the back of each light. That means you need to be a little strategic about where you place these — they have to be somewhere you can actually reach. However, you can adjust the lights to three different brightness levels and temperatures, so that customizability is a definite plus.

Want an easy, renter-friendly way to enhance the lighting in your home? Grab one (or a few) of these versatile and affordable tools and see how nice it is to be able to install brand new lights on your own — no wires or electricians required.