Kristen Bell’s Kids Might Be Onto Something With Their Nighttime Routine

published Mar 29, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s daughters Lincoln and Delta are quarantine queens in their own right. They recently spiced up life at home for mom and dad by having fun with the Halloween decor, and now youngest daughter Delta is giving parenting advice — whether she knows it or not.

Bell posted a video of Delta getting her teddy bears “ready for bed” by giving them a bath using Bell and Shepard’s Hello Bello brand Sleep Sweet nighttime shampoo and body wash combo. 

“Update: they were not dry when they went to bed but they WERE sleepy. That’s a half win,” Bell captioned the video. “I wish I could tell you I had the magic potion to get your babies to sleep. Sadly, for all of us, there’s no such thing. BUT the new @hellobello Sleep Sweet set is the closest you’re going to get.”

Despite the less-than-effective method for getting her teddies ready for bed, Delta is actually onto something brilliant here.

To help calm your kiddos and lull them into a restful sleep, washing their stuffed animals and sheets in a gentle lavender-scented detergent can encourage relaxation and calm at bedtime.

Alternatively, keeping a lavender linen/room spray on hand to spritz on stuffies and comforters before bed can help soothe any energetic kiddo and help them equate the calming scent of lavender with nighttime and sleepiness.

And, of course, completing the nighttime lavender ritual with a lavender-themed bath with a scented formula like Hello Bello’s or another lavender-scented shampoo and body wash will only help quiet little ones’ minds and help them drift off to dreamland… “and to help parents get back to a) cleaning up the crumbs that have somehow solidified into the table b) watching ‘Dateline’ or c) pretending you’re too chill to care about a),” as Bell wrote in her post. 

Let the “Dateline” marathon commence.