Does Lady Gaga Put Her Grammys on an IKEA Shelf? An Investigation

updated Oct 8, 2019
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Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Call it the mystery of the shelf. Last weekend, Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself holding her platinum “A Star Is Born” plaque (can you believe it’s been a year since we went far from the shallow?!), surrounded by her Grammys on a shelf. We almost got carried away counting her Grammy awards—until we noticed the shelf they were sitting on. Like, really noticed. Could it… is it… doesn’t it look exactly like an IKEA Billy bookcase??? Could it be that Joanne herself used an Allen wrench to create the affordable display of her dreams?!

We’re not the only ones who noticed (although we wouldn’t be surprised if we were, we’re uhhh a little IKEA obsessed). While yes, most commenters congratulated Gaga on her accomplishment, some made comments like, “Lady Gaga out here putting her Grammy’s in an IKEA bookshelf,” and “You display these awards on an IKEA shelf??” That called for an official investigation.

Sure, we wanted to believe that Lady Gaga leans on IKEA to display her prized awards for the world to see, but a few things looked a little… off. The shelves appear to be adjustable, which is not exclusive to IKEA. Also, they look more shallow (pun intended) than IKEA’s least deep version, the GERSBY, we could find online. But these were just assumptions, and we needed answers.

We reached out to the Recording Academy, who confirmed that the dimensions of a Grammy are 5 7/8” deep and the GERSBY measured in at 9 1/2” deep. That would mean that the Grammys would be swimming in the storage unit, which clearly isn’t the case in Gaga’s photo.

Credit: IKEA

So then we went straight to the source: IKEA. While the shelf does resemble the popular BILLY bookcase, an IKEA PR representative confirmed that Gaga’s shelves are indeed too shallow and therefore cannot be a current IKEA product.

So there you have it—Gaga isn’t quite the thrifty legend we thought she might be, but that doesn’t mean another prized IKEA piece isn’t hiding around her place. After all, it looks close enough to an IKEA bookshelf that she surely could own a different one, right? (We’ll keep our eyes peeled on her feed.)

But for the time being, we can all relax and hold our BILLYs and GERSBYs close, knowing that plenty of people share the love we feel for the IKEA staple—celebrity or not.