Leanne Ford Says It’s Possible to Combine Frank Lloyd Wright’s Style with Scandinavian Design — Here’s How

published Mar 10, 2021
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Credit: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

If you love Frank Lloyd Wright and also gravitate toward Scandinavian design, why not have both in your home? Before you write it off as impossible, Leanne Ford will change your way of thinking by combining the seemingly opposite styles under one roof — and the best part is, it’s pretty simple, too.

In a recent episode of HGTV’s “Home Again with the Fords,” the interior designer met a young couple who asked to design their home as if Wright went on a vacation to Scandinavia. At first she was baffled at the idea, but after thinking it through, the marriage of the two styles was doable — especially because it was already happening in the design world.

“At first, I was like, is that possible? And then as I thought more about it, I thought it’s actually already happening where there’s overlap,” Ford told Apartment Therapy. “Really simple, clean lines like Scandinavian [and] natural materials like Frank.”

As mentioned in the Instagram caption above, Ford incorporates Wright’s style into a space through using earth tones, natural texture, and wooden furniture. Growing up, Ford frequently visited Fallingwater — one of Wright’s most daring constructions — where she first fell in love with and familiarized herself with Wright’s architectural themes. “Fallingwater has all these earth tones and nature comes inside [from] outside, and that’s what I’ve always noticed and loved about Frank Lloyd Wright.”

And when it comes to the Scandinavian side of things, it’s simple —literally: Ford emphasizes incorporating clean lines that are sharp and definitive, a design trait often associated with minimalism.

By marrying those Scandi elements with a natural palette and wood, the two styles comes together in an organic way. Perhaps the biggest takeaway here: nothing in design is impossible.