This TikToker’s “Best Thrift of My Life” Is Making the Internet So Jealous

published Jun 18, 2023
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You’ve seen spice jar sets that look like apothecary bottles or those modern sets with black labels and white lettering. But chances are you’ve never seen a spice bottle set that you could categorize as adorable. One TikToker shared the spice jar they just picked up at a secondhand store and it’s not only the cutest set of spice jars ever, but it might just be the cutest thing ever.

“The best thrift of my life,” the creator behind the Roominbloom TikTok account captioned a recent video. The video shows the creator pouring their dried herbs and spices into tiny little porcelain houses, each unique and expertly decorated.

“So happy for you,” one person commented. “You know what’s fun? Sleeping with all your doors and windows unlocked.”

This set of 24 spice jars is called the Lenox Spice Village and it’s a huge collector’s item. Lenox made these sets (and other more specifically themed village sets) throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, but the houses have since been discontinued, making them something enthusiasts salivate over. 

Full Spice Village sets can go for well over $500 with individual jars sitting at around $25 on secondhand sites like Etsy and eBay. There are also larger pieces you can add to your set like tea, flour, sugar, cookie, and candy jars.

If you have fallen in love with the Spice Village as so many other people have, then you definitely need to keep your eyes peeled next time you’re scrolling your favorite auction site or perusing the local antique mall. The creator behind Roominbloom wrote in a comment that they scored their set for just $250 (but had to drive three hours to pick it up!).

Who knew spice jars would become your new obsession?