This Comfy Lounge Chair Is Washable, Stain Resistant, and Everything I Ever Dreamed Of

published Oct 19, 2021
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Credit: Levity

If you’d walked into my living room six months ago, it would have been clear that something was missing. I had a couch, a coffee table, and houseplants, but there was also this big empty space with nothing in it. A space I wanted to use for additional seating, but I was having the hardest time picking a seat. There were a lot of chairs that could have worked, but none really fit what I envisioned. So when the innovative home furniture brand Levity asked if I wanted to test out one of their chairs, I figured maybe it was fate trying to get me out of my head. And once I learned that the covers for The Classic Lounge Chair are machine washable (!!), I knew I had to give it a fair try.

One of my biggest concerns when The Classic Lounge Chair arrived was how much of a challenge it would be to assemble, but believe it or not, I actually enjoyed putting this chair together! It comes in ten pieces — a backrest, a seat, two armrests, four legs, a back cushion, and a seat cushion — but the instructions are straightforward, and each piece was fairly easy to attach. (Some parts did require a steady hand and a bit of force and probably would have been easier if I’d had help, but that just meant that I did a well-deserved happy dance when I was done.) Once it was all assembled, it was time to slip on the covers.

If you’ve ever put covers on modular furniture, you’ll be happy to know that these versions are refreshingly simple. The back and seat cushions zip into the covers with ease. Applying the cover to the chair body took some getting used to, mainly because the U-shape of the chair has to be lined up properly, but then it was just a matter of pulling it tight, zipping it up, and attaching the loops to the knobs on the underside of the base. The result? A sleek, modern armchair that looks as invitingly comfortable up close as it is beautiful to admire from a distance.

Credit: Levity

When it comes to the feel, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the plushness of the Classic Lounge Chair. It’s not too soft that you sink into it, but it’s also not as hard as a brick, which is great! I don’t often keep my feet on the floor when I’m lounging at home, so I like furniture that I can pull my legs into. This chair provides that space. The arms aren’t too wide, so there’s more width to the seat, and I can remove the back cushion to make the seat even deeper when I want to kick back on my especially lazy days. 

One of the biggest pros of this chair is its washability. You can throw the covers into the wash, and if something spills on the chair and seeps through to the cushion, you don’t have to worry — the material covering the cushions themselves is waterproof! So far, I haven’t spilled much more on this chair other than crumbs on pizza night, but it’s nice to know that when the moment comes that a tougher stain needs to come out, cleaning it up won’t be a headache. 

I chose the Classic Lounge Chair in Arctic Blue, but if I ever want to change up the color scheme, Levity also offers extra chair covers for all of their pieces. Just like the benefits of having additional sheets and shower curtains, these also come in handy if you want a cover to put on the chair while its usual cover is being washed. Personally, I want to grab some additional covers to mix and match the cushion colors, which would look fantastically fitting in my eclectic home. With this lounge chair from Levity, my living room furniture finally feels complete, and I love knowing that it can handle my lifestyle, whatever spills may come.