We Tried Dozens of Humidifiers and This Versatile Smart Model Came Out on Top (Bonus: It’s On Sale!)

published Sep 1, 2023
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One pet peeve of mine is dry indoor air, and it’s even worse when that air is in your bedroom. Living in Louisiana, a hub of humidity, I didn’t think I had any use for a humidifier when all I had to do was crack open a window. However, after moving into my apartment two years ago, I realized that I needed one. My bedroom is the warmest, driest space in my entire apartment, which led me to start shopping for — you guessed it — humidifiers! Fortunately, I had some help in narrowing down my search, thanks to many editors who’ve tried out a ton of devices and insight to share. I learned that one editor-favorite brand for air purifiers and humidifiers is Levoit, and the most highly recommended product for my bedroom air issue was the OasisMist 4.5-Liter Smart Humidifier.

What Is the Levoit OasisMist Smart Humidifier?

Levoit’s OasisMist Smart Humidifier is a device that adds moisture to indoor air that can be beneficial to plants and skin as well as improve your quality of sleep. This humidifier releases warm or cool mist at your command and has a built-in essential oil diffuser to add a bit of fragrance to your space. “I love the warm mist for winter and for my tropical plants!” says AT’s Associate Email Editor, Carolyn, “They’re so happy with the humidity. The humidifier tucks away nicely and has a hearty design. It definitely works well in the space and spreads moisture throughout the house very well.”

The OasisMist Smart Humidifier can conveniently be refilled from the top and is equipped with an easy-lift handle for portability. It can be controlled via remote or app with Alexa, and you can set schedules for humidification based on your needs. There’s even a sleep mode that can be used to turn the humidifier on and help you breathe better through the night. On its low cool mist setting, the humidifier can run for up to 45 hours. Available in two sizes (4.5 and 6 liters), the humidifier has a sleek LED display, an essential oil tray for relaxation, and dual 360 rotating nozzles.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

This is the best humidifier I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had many. I initially purchased it for its smart features but the quality and usability is better than I expected. It puts out a lot of humidity fairly quickly. As someone who has a son with asthma, this unit keeps the humidity right where I set it. Which is also a bonus. Most humidifiers only have a high, medium, or low setting and you never know what the actual humidity percentage is. The design is also nice too. The large open top with carry handle makes it easy to refill. APM

“This is a godsend for sinus and ear congestion especially when congestion wreaks havoc causing me so much facial pain and low energy. Maintenance is a bit of a learning curve if new to humidifiers like I was. I am impressed that I haven’t had a problem with mold since I live in a wet climate Seattle area. I do buy distilled water jugs from target though so I recommend that. Although they’re regularly out but other stores have some too. I don’t use the app so I can’t speak to that. Also learned keeping a window opened prevents it from getting to humid inside with water dripping down windows and walls which was a problem in the winter (I do live in an ancient tiny apt).” tech_er

“I’m using this in a grow tent with distilled water to avoid getting mineral dust on everything. It’s quiet, and I love being able to check the status and control it through the app. Easy to refill with a top fill. Easy to clean. Its humidity sensor reads about eight percent higher than the sensor I have installed in the tent, but it’s easy enough to calculate the difference and set it accordingly. I use the automatic function where I set it to a percentage and let it turn on and off as needed. No complaints!” Shelly Hokanson

Buy: Levoit OasisMist 4.5L Smart Humidifier, $79.99 (normally $89.99)