A 3D-Printed Coffee Table Is Just One of the Coolest Things in This Rental

published May 20, 2024

A 3D-Printed Coffee Table Is Just One of the Coolest Things in This Rental

published May 20, 2024
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Loi Doan is a freelance interior decorator who loves sourcing fun home decor pieces for friends, family, and clients. So of course, when it came to his 900-square-foot Fort Worth rental apartment, he filled it with an array of delightful finds. But while there are plenty of store-bought treasures in the space, Loi says he most loves DIYing and designing furniture, which there are also a few examples of in his place.

“One of my proudest DIY projects is my coffee table. I’ve always admired the Studiomignone coffee table, but my budget couldn’t stretch to that, so I modeled it in 3D SketchUp and 3D printed the legs,” Loi explains. “Another design I’m incredibly proud of is my blue pipe chair, which I created for an art show.”

Loi, who shares his home with his two cats, mr man and Yuno, also transformed a built-in shelf area in the apartment that he didn’t feel was his style. So he designed a custom set of doors (with the help of Tanner Williams) with an interesting aspect to them: Both doors feature a fun squiggle design, but the top door has an opening to display decor and a cool speaker, while the bottom door created hidden storage.

When asked if his apartment has a zodiac sign, Loi has an enthusiastic answer. “This is crazy because no one has ever asked me what my apt sign is, but it does have one!” he begins. “It’s Cancer! This is the month that I moved into my apartment and funny enough … just as Cancerians are known for their nurturing nature, my home provides a sanctuary where I feel supported and cherished. Its cozy atmosphere and welcoming embrace reflect the traits of its zodiac counterpart, making it not just a living space, but also a comforting haven that truly feels like home.”

Loi, who describes his home’s style as “space age-inspired, colorful, maximalist, bold, eclectic, contemporary,” does have a lot of stuff in his home, but stresses that it’s not some stuffy, precious museum. “[T]his is an interactive museum, so look at and touch anything you like.” Loi talks more about his decor style and his home on TikTok and YouTube.



  • Boob lamp cover — Tulip shade
  • Calendar — Kinjirushi Wasabi
  • Analog floor lamp — Gantri (made by Chris Granneberg)
  • Postkontor floor mat — IKEA
  • Rocket stool — Artek


  • tesammans shade — IKEA
  • Samsung serif — Samsung
  • Soriana sofa — Eternity Modern
  • Noon rug — Revival
  • Coffee table — DIY (original creator @studiomignone)
  • Bello pillow — YAYA&CO and Dani Klaric
  • Drink fridge — Rocco 
  • Wall shelves — IKEA
  • Bag table light — Gantri and Tombogo
  • Tile side table — Urban Outfitters home
  • Yoji lamp — Urban Outfitters home
  • Kartell componibili — Design Within Reach
  • Plant — Easy Plant
  • Vintage IKEA shelf — Niels Gammelgaard
  • Yellow flipping clock — CloudNola and MoMa Design
  • Plant pot — Virginia Sin
  • LEGO modern art — LEGO
  • Pendant lamp — IKEA
  • LEGO flower pot — LEGO
  • Chunky mugs — Gustaf Westman
  • Smart book art print — Giftedfwt
  • Pera limonera 1 — Giftedfwt


  • Wave side chair — Sun at 6
  • Temi chair — Sun at 6
  • Folding dining table — IKEA
  • 265 flos lamp — Flos
  • Analog task light — Gantri
  • Vinyl art frame — Urban outfitters home
  • Smoothie table light — Gantri
  • Usm console table — USM Haller
  • Vinyl holder — Gustaf Westman
  • Guitar — Fender
  • Transparent speaker — Transparent


  • Baguette lamp — Yukiko Morita
  • Kettle — Alessi
  • Pink blender — Smeg
  • White toaster — Balmuda
  • Chunky plate — Gustaf Westman
  • Maura green shelf — Urban Outfitters Home
  • Ivar cabinet — IKEA
  • Ebba console table — Urban Outfitters
  • Lucky cat cookie jar — World Market
  • Coffee machine — Smeg


  • Green chair — IKEA
  • Wavy lamp — Urban Outfitters Home
  • Plant art print — Benji Plant
  • Conversation pit sofa — Omhu
  • Art prints — Drool art

Thanks, Loi!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.