Peek Inside This Immaculate $100K Dollhouse for Sale

published Dec 11, 2020
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Credit: Patty Haessig
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For many, dollhouses are nothing more than a child’s toy. For artist Jimmy Landers, however, dollhouses are $100,000 artworks.

Landers creates dollhouses that are so detailed, each work takes him months, if not years, to finish. In fact, one of his most-prized miniatures, called The Sahlberg, took him two years to complete. The lifelike structure features a three-story hardwood cabinet house with nine rooms, including a grand foyer spanning three floors, a dining room, a parlor, a guest bedroom, a master bedroom, and even a two-story wood-paneled library.

If you think it looks amazing on the outside, wait until you take a tour of the inside.

The grand foyer, for instance, includes 2,000 individually-placed marble tiles, double panel doors, and an elegant round staircase made with hand-turned spindles and mahogany banisters. If you look up, you’ll see a brass chandelier and an elegant stained-glass dome, among other meticulous touches. Talk about a grand entrance!

Another part of the tiny home filled with stunning detail is the library. On the first level, alongside thousands of books, are a wrought-iron, a cozy fireplace, and even tiny decorative pieces such as rugs, trophies, and a phonograph. Similar to the foyer, its beauty can be appreciated by looking up, as it features a Victorian chandelier and coffered ceiling with hand-hammered copper panels.

Observing the fine details of the dollhouse is in itself a fun activity. Try to spot the following in other parts of the home: floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows, brass lighting fixtures, mahogany flooring, intricate plaster columns, gold-trimmed mirrors, and textured wallpaper.

According to Landers, he started building miniatures when, shortly after retirement, he found himself without a hobby. He tried making a dollhouse, and has been making more of them (with grander designs) ever since. 

You can see more of Landers’ works on his website. And if you’re interested in purchasing The Sahlberg, you can contact his representative here.