These Sheets Make Me Feel Like I’m Sleeping in a Luxe Hotel — and They’re 40% Off Right Now

updated Sep 10, 2021
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Like many others who were privileged enough to do so, I left New York City in March to return home to the suburbs of Pittsburgh. While here, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for my mom’s home shopping choices, including her discovery of this game-changing box spring cover. There’s another one of her bedding purchases, though, that I need to share with the class: the Charter Club Damask Striped Sheets, sold exclusively at Macy’s.

Since I left home for good a few years ago, my mom has taken it upon herself to redecorate my room and turn it into her own personal sanctuary. (She has three other kids and my dad’s snores can be heard from the opposite side of the house, so I have no complaints.) One of the ways she’s done this is by investing in better sheets, not just for herself but for the entire family, and after browsing at Macy’s she finally settled on these Charter Club sheets. Every bed in our home has a pair, and I’ve been rotating between this set and my Kassatex sheets to wonderful results.

Now, I am absolutely a snob when it comes to bedding. I’ve tested many a sheet set during my time at Apartment Therapy, and I will defend linen as the very best sleeping material until the day I die. But I also know that linen is expensive, and some people just do not like the way it feels. After sleeping in my old bed for a few months, I am prepared to say that if you want to save money, sleep cool, and lie in a cocoon of softness, you really can’t do better than these Charter Club sheets.

The sheets are made of 100 percent Supima cotton, which is a trademarked type of pima cotton grown exclusively in the U.S. It’s known for its extra-long staple fiber (another word for length), and is strong, durable, and luxuriously soft. While you might be more familiar with percale and sateen cotton, this set has a damask weave, which is similar in look to sateen. It’s super shiny and silky smooth, with a cool-to-the-feel touch and slightly heavier weight compared to percale. This set has a subtle striped pattern that makes it look totally elevated, although there’s also a solid set that’s a bit more casual.

I sleep hot, so my primary concern when shopping for bedding is breathability (hence the devotion to linen). I’m happy to report that the Charter Club sheets feel amazing and don’t make me sweaty at all, yet they’re substantial enough that you still feel cozy. (That’s one of my major qualms with percale sheets.) And the colors!! There are exactly 19 to choose from, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something to match your aesthetic. My mom chose the pale lilac hue for my room, and I love that she went with a color to match my gray comforter instead of white.

The Queen size set is typically priced at $170, but thanks to Macy’s frequent sales and coupons, you can basically always buy it for less. Right now, it’s currently discounted at just over 40 percent off as part of Macy’s latest Value Add sale — don’t forget to add code SAVE at checkout. Talk about a steal! And if my glowing review isn’t enough to convince you to try these sheets for yourself, just check out the 1,700+ five-star reviews. The reviews don’t lie — they really are that good.