This TikToker Has Creative Uses for a Thrifted Magazine Rack

published Oct 30, 2023
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When you hit up your local thrift store, you’re likely to find a bunch of items that have kind of fallen out of fashion like ashtrays, perfume bottles, and old magazine racks. But if you keep an open mind, all of these things have potential. In fact, one TikTok user found a few ingenious ways to use a magazine rack, and none of them actually involve magazines.

Sarah Teresinski from the Redeux Style TikTok account found a faux leather magazine rack at her local thrift shop and knew she could find good use for it in her home despite not having a magazine collection.

“I was super excited when I came across this sling magazine rack thrifting the other day, and guess what? I brought it home,” Teresinski said in her video. After giving the leather finish a good cleaning with water and vinegar, she first tried it out as a place to store logs next to her fireplace.

The leather and wood are a match made in heaven, and Teresinski was actually able to stack quite a bit of wood in the rack. “This is probably how I’m going to continue to use it,” she said. 

But, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can use a magazine rack for storing other things, too. Teresinki showed how you can roll up your throw blankets and stack them inside the sling when they’re not in use on the couch.

“You can also use this exact same concept with these throws, but instead, put it in the bathroom and you could do it with your towels,” she added. “Especially in your guest bathroom.” Or, load the sling up with extra toilet paper to turn it into fashionable TP storage. 

“Not bad for a $3.99 find at the thrift store,” Teresinski said. 

Think outside the box next time you see a magazine stand at your favorite thrift store and you may just find your new favorite storage item.