What the Color of Your Mailbox Says About You

published Sep 6, 2023
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row of colorful mailboxes
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When someone is looking for your home, one of the first things they might spot is your mailbox. A GPS can only get you so far, so a glance at house numbers or a mailbox can confirm you’re in the right place.

Did you know that the color of your mailbox may tell whoever’s coming by a few things about you and your personality? I talked to some experts on color and each one’s meaning to determine just what your mailbox is saying about you.


Homeowners with more modern tastes tend to choose black mailboxes — or they just like to stick to the classics. “Homeowners with black mailboxes might have a refined taste and a more serious persona,” says Ashley Banbury, color marketing manager at Krylon. “This could also be the choice of someone with an appreciation for simple color palettes and timeless styles.”

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A white mailbox is simple, classic, clean, and traditional. If you have one of these, experts say you appreciate the simpler things in life and prefer to have a tidy household.


“Blue is associated with loyalty, confidence, and stability,” says Trina Rogers, certified color consultant with Five Star Painting, a Neighborly company. You’re the responsible one in your neighborhood and are always there to lend a helping hand. Banbury says it can also mean you’re intentional and thoughtful.


Homeowners with yellow mailboxes exude optimism and energy. You’re probably super friendly, Rogers and Banbury say. A yellow mailbox also suggests you’re creative and enjoy nostalgia.


Bold, passionate red is the mailbox choice of color for people who are outgoing, enthusiastic, and ready to party. “This neighbor is very outgoing and hosts the best BBQs,” Rogers says. Other types of red — like muted red or brick red — mean you’re likely calm and composed, Banbury says.

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Do you love the outdoors? Then you likely have a green mailbox. You’re probably healthy, interested in all things nature and natural, and love to garden or get out for a walk or hike.


Purple mailboxes ooze mysteriousness. You’re likely the sage intuitive in the neighborhood who everyone goes to for advice, Rogers says.


People with orange mailboxes are just as bright and enthusiastic as their mailbox. “Lovers of orange are often thought of as warm, a bit adventurous, and probably ready to meet up for coffee somewhere,” Rogers says.


It may sound girly or Barbiecore, but if you have a pink mailbox, it means that you’re likely calm, loving, and empathetic. You’re the person your friends go to when they need a shoulder to cry on, the experts say.


If you love to go on vacation, you might have a turquoise mailbox. “Turquoise lovers are rarely at home as they are often at the beach soaking up the sun and regaining mental clarity,” Rogers says. “The neighbor with the blue mailbox is checking their mail for them.”

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A Unique Design

I once saw a mailbox in Wisconsin that had a higher up mailbox attached to it labeled “Air Mail.” If you’re one of the artistic rebels who might have a mailbox in a fun shape or with painted designs like flowers or something just meant to make your mail carrier laugh, this means you’ve got a ton of creativity and like to stand out. (Go figure!) “Just check with your local post office first before getting too creative,” Rogers says.