I Found the Best Travel Hairbrush Ever — and It’s Not Actually Meant for Traveling

published Jan 11, 2022
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Finding the perfect travel hairbrush isn’t easy. There are tons of options out there, but lots of them aren’t well made, often purchased more as an afterthought when you find yourself in need. And even if they are high quality, the face of the hairbrush is usually so small that it takes way too long to get your mane under control on the go. I was recently poking around for a new option and purchased the Manta Hair Hairbrush on the spot. I am so glad I did. Although it’s not marketed as a travel hairbrush, it’s actually the perfect one for me! And I’m pretty sure you’ll love the brush’s intended benefits, too, just like I did.

What attracted me to this brush right away was how compact it is, yet it still has plenty of bristles for a thorough, quick brush. It’s just about as big as the palm of my hand, so it’s the absolute perfect size for travel. On my most recent trip, I had it in my purse all day, and it was very easy to find in the abyss and hardly took up any space. But I also really love the size of the brush head and amount of bristles — you never see that amount on a marketed travel brush. I have very long, very thick hair, and it was all back in place on a windy day after just a few swoops, same as with my home brush.

Funnily enough, to me, the brush’s perks are its actual intentional selling points. It’s got an amazing, patented flexible technology with a handy grip; you can hold the knob comfortably so the brush molds to the shape of your hand, and then your scalp. The bristles are made of soft-touch silicone and have a 360-degree range of motion to massage the scalp, free knots, and minimize any breakage. I definitely noticed a more gentle feeling brushing my hair with the same intensity I usually do, since the bristles are strong enough to massage your scalp yet give a nice, light-touch feeling while being raked through your hair. (It’s good for both thick and thin types!)

The Manta brush comes with a beautiful story, too. Its creator, Tim Binnington, was a professional hairdresser and came up with this brush for his wife, who lost her hair after a serious illness. It grew back, but needed to be gently treated to minimize breakage — and this product was the perfect solution.

All in all, you might love this brush so much that you use it as your everyday go-to — not just your travel brush. That’s what I’m thinking about doing, anyway!