If You’re a Serial Procrastinator, Head to This Cafe in Japan

published May 15, 2022
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Credit: Getty Images | Drakula & Co.

Can’t focus? Would rather do anything else than the work you’ve got to complete by a set deadline? We’ve all been there. If you’re a serial procrastinator, you might need a little extra push to make sure you get your tasks finished on time.

In Japan, uninspired creatives can head to a coffee shop where procrastination is part of its business model, with staff hounding customers to meet their deadlines. The Manuscript Writing Cafe, located in the Koenji region, is designed to spur on the unmotivated, not letting customers leave until their work is complete. Once you enter the coffee shop, you’re handed a slip of paper to write down your name, writing goal, and time you need to finish.

From then, you choose how often—and how intensely—you want to be hounded by staff members. “Mild” will give you a verbal check in from staff when you pay at the counter; “Normal” means a verbal progress check in every hour; and if you choose “Hard”, a staff member will stand behind you every so often, amping up the pressure and ensuring no sneaky scrolling through social media.

Inspired by a Japanese children’s story called “The Restaurant of Many Orders”, customers are charged by the hour and will have unlimited access to self-serve beverages, WiFi, and power outlets.

The cafe has been going viral on social media, and TikTok users have been quick to voice their opinions in the comments.

“No you don’t understand I NEED THIS!!” one person wrote.

“Imagine this around college campuses” a second commented.

A third said: “Honestly this is really genius tbh”.

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