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Marie Kondo Showed Us How to Pack a Suitcase

published Aug 6, 2018
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Marie Kondo is famous for her KonMari method and bestselling book, “The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up“—both of which promise to help you wrest control of the stuff in your home. But what about when you have to take some of that stuff on the road?

We recently invited Kondo into the Apartment Therapy studios to demo her new drawer organizing boxes. And while she was here, we challenged her to take on a few of life’s trickiest organizing conundrums. First up: Packing a carry-on suitcase.

She started with a perfectly ordinarily-packed bag (the kind we’ve dragged through TSA time and time again) and transformed it into a KonMari work of art. Check out the transformation in the video above. Here, her some of best tips:

1. Fold, fold, fold.

Anyone familiar with Kondo’s tricks knows she’s devoted to folding (there’s an entire chapter in her book about how to do it just right). Folding vertically and as small as possible will save space in your suitcase. For thinner items, roll to prevent wrinkles.

2. Pair like with like.

Kondo is a big fan of corralling similar items—think makeup and cords—using pouches (she used Muji bags in the demo). And, she says, shoes are just a little happier when they’re stored in bags.

(Image credit: AT Video)

3. Do a “spark joy” test.

A guiding principle of the Konmari Method is to ask yourself if your belongings “spark joy.” How does this apply to a suitcase? As you’re packing, consider whether you really love each piece you’re putting inside. If you don’t think you’ll wear it or use it, leave it at home.

4. Look for smart space savers.

One favorite we learned from Kondo? Tuck socks into the space created by bra cups.

Learn all of her tricks—and check out the satisfying before and after—in the video above.