This Cooling Pillow Protector Means No More Sweaty Nights — Finally

published Sep 12, 2023
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I used to teach seventh grade English. During our poetry unit, I assigned the students to write poems in each of the forms we studied, such as sonnets, haikus, and odes. When we wrote odes, I told them to get as specific as possible, using examples like “Ode to Socks” by Pablo Neruda, or a far less skillfully written example of my own called “Ode to a Nap Interrupted by a Knock.”

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What’s So Great About the Marlow Pillow Protector?

The Marlow Pillow Protector kept my pillow so much cooler compared to just a regular pillowcase so I sweat less, and the antimicrobial features don’t flare up my sensitive skin either.

I know we’re not supposed to play favorites, but my favorite poem written by a student during my time teaching was called “Ode to the Cool Side of the Pillow.” I’d never articulated the joy of resting my head on a cool pillow, but this student perfectly described the sublime sensory treasure that is flipping your pillow midway through a warm night and being greeted by the cooling sensation. It’s been 10 years since I taught that particular kid, but I still think of his poem nightly as I lay my head down on the Marlow Pillow Protector.

What’s So Great About the Marlow Pillow Protector?

The first night I used the Marlow Pillow Protector, a cooling pillow protector with thermoregulation technology, I noticed a big difference in how cool it kept my pillow compared to just a regular pillowcase — even one that boasts cooling powers. I have the standard size, but it also comes in king. Made of 55% cotton and 45% cooling nylon satin, the outer layer is soft enough to sleep on without a pillowcase, although most people would benefit from a cooling pillowcase to minimize how often you’d need to wash the pillow protector and their usual pillow.

The pillow protector’s sweat protection and antimicrobial features are also good for my skin, which tends to be sensitive and easily disturbed. I’ve yet to successfully machine wash a pillow without it becoming lumpy, and some pillows aren’t meant to be cleaned in the washer, so I appreciate the hygiene features on this pillow protector, as it means I don’t have to wash the pillow insert. The pillow protector is fully machine-washable, and using a cover extends the life of my usual pillow. 

I don’t always sleep through the night, even with good bedding. Occasionally, I’ll be awoken by a dog needing to go out, a kid needing soothing after a nightmare, or my own brain deciding to be alert at 3 a.m. The AC does not work particularly well upstairs either, so we have some toasty nights in the summer. But when I do have sleep disturbances, it’s really nice to come back to my bed, lay my head down on my cool pillow, and fall back asleep with ease.