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This Common Thrift Store Find Instantly Elevates Your Candle Game

published Oct 27, 2023
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It always feels a bit barbaric to light a beautiful scented candle with a cheap plastic lighter (or, worse, a clunky grill lighter). To remedy this situation, one TikTok user decided to invest in high-quality matchsticks and DIY the ideal vessel to keep them in — something that is just as beautiful as the candles themselves, and something that actually lights the matches it holds.

Julia (@juliaaaaaaaahhh) took a little green glass jar from the thrift store that set her back a whopping $1.50 and turned it into a stunning match holder. She bought match strike paper stickers and attached one to the bottom of the glass jar. And just like that, she has a usable match jar.

“Anthropologie would be like $69.99. Love this!” one person commented. Another added, “I feel like this glass never knew it would be a match holder one day.”

Someone else wrote, “This is one of the best easy thrift flips I’ve seen.” It’s the perfect no-brainer solution that only costs you a couple of bucks.

You can grab match strike paper stickers from Amazon for under $10. Some sets come with both round and rectangular stickers so you can choose the one that best fits your vessel.

Or, you can order sheets of adhesive strike paper to create your own custom stickers. This is a great option if you find a thrifted item that has an irregular base or shape to it.

And when your strike paper gets worn out, just replace it with a new sticker. Your DIY match holder will stand the test of time.

Perfect for DIY holiday gifts or giving your candle space a facelift, this thrift flip is one you’ll definitely want to try out.

Buy: Dgudgu Match Striker Paper with Adhesive Stickers, $9.98