This Stylish, Roll-Away Futon Mattress Has Been a Lifesaver When I Need an Extra Bed in a Pinch

published Aug 12, 2021
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Most of us are familiar with impromptu sleepovers. They can happen for a number of reasons: Relatives showing up on a whim, having to accommodate friends who prefer to crash after a night out, or needing to house a family friend for a night while they’re passing through town. Whatever the case may be, having a cozy place for guests to sleep will be beneficial to you. Sure, there’s always the couch, but you don’t want it to wear down over time. An extra mattress is incredibly useful, but don’t think it’s impossible to have a spare just because you live in a small space. Air mattresses aren’t the only viable option, and the MAXYOYO Cotton Futon proves it.

I was really excited to test this futon that Wayfair sent to me because I’ve been endlessly exploring alternatives for air mattresses. Sometimes, the effort to unpack and inflate an air mattress is overkill if it’s only needed for a short stay. Also, what if the mattress hasn’t been used in so long that the batteries have gone dead, or there’s irreparable damage you weren’t aware of because it was stored for so long? (I’ve been there, done that.) A lightweight futon mattress that requires no batteries or other mechanics won’t have those same issues, and will be ready when you need it.

This particular futon mattress by MAXYOYO jumped out at me for its bright colors and lively bohemian design, putting to rest the idea that futons can’t be cute. It looks like the kind of laid-back piece of furniture you’d want to stretch out on to relax. One of the first things I noticed when I laid on it was that, though the futon is less than a foot thick, it’s well-padded and doesn’t sink into the floor when you put all your weight on it. In fact, the cushiness of it was a relief after being on my feet to run errands and clean around the apartment.

The full-size futon mattress is very comfortable for one person too, sitting or laying down. At times, I’ll chill out on it with my laptop, or to watch TV with snacks. It’s a nice option that’s a nice medium between hopping back into my bed at an odd time or lounging on the couch, where I can’t fully stretch out without my feet being awkwardly pressed against the arm. The futon can even be partially unrolled if you want to use one side of it as a makeshift pillow. In the full size, the MAXYOYO futon mattress is wide enough for two people to sleep. However, if you’d like more room, it’s also available in a queen. If you want to conserve space, a twin-sized futon may be more your speed.

A dust cover and storage bag come with this futon mattress, but it’s up to you if you want to use either. The matching dust cover prolongs the life of the mattress by protecting it from dirt and potential stains. I also think it works nicely as a semi-fitted sheet. As far as the storage bag goes, I opted not to use it unless I need to take the futon to another location. All you have to do is roll up the futon and squeeze it inside (don’t worry, it’s extremely squeezable!) before zipping it closed. Until I have to take it somewhere outside of my home, the futon is neatly rolled and placed against the wall in my home office.

Now, whenever I’m graced with sudden company or sleepovers out of the blue, I don’t have to stress over how to make my old couch comfortable at the last minute. Grabbing the futon when it’s time to wind down takes seconds, and the result is a suitable — and stylish — space for rest!