The Simple (and Stylish!) Closet Organizing Solution I Wish I’d Discovered Ages Ago

published Mar 2, 2022
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I’ve always been the type to consider my closet organized as long as everything was stacked neatly on the shelves. Shoeboxes have been my lifesaver, whether they contain photos, knick-knacks, or sometimes even actual footwear. However, I feel like it’s time to graduate to a more sophisticated approach to bedroom organization. I’ve been relying on some of the same methods that I’ve used for as long as I’ve been cleaning my own room, which can pretty much be summed up by if it doesn’t look like it’s out of place, then it isn’t. We all know that isn’t necessarily true — I wanted to do better by my bedroom closet and take it seriously, so the first step in doing so was getting my hands on the Plastic Closet Shelf Dividers from home decor brand mDesign to get a real jumpstart.

I was so excited to try the shelf dividers from mDesign because my closet has two long shelves on either side that would be easy to clutter without an organizing game plan. The dividers are made of clear plastic and are equipped with a one-inch wide clip attachment that slides onto the shelf. Setup took less than five minutes and the grip of each divider isn’t too tight or too loose, so they stay in place but can be shifted easily to accommodate my preferred spacing. I knew that, as long as the dividers did what they were supposed to, I’d call it a success — but I underestimated how much I’d actually like them. I’m so glad they came as a set of four because I already want more! 

So far, I have all of the clear dividers arranged on one half of my walk-in closet. There are two bins in every other slot between them, and I used the empty space for folded stacks of clothing that I didn’t have room for in my drawers. Sure, I could have put the bins and the clothes on the shelf by themselves, but it looks so much nicer with the dividers flanking each side. They give all my items their own contained space without the risk of spilling over into other clothes or accessories. Having them also inspires me to continue the process of sprucing up my closet so it’s not just a space where I hold my clothes, but another area I can decorate according to my personal style. I’ve never taken the time to see what my closet could be before because it’s so often been more functional than fashionable, but now I know it can actually be both!

Credit: Britt Franklin

Shelf dividers are an easy-to-overlook organization tool, but they work magic in tight spaces; whether it’s a closet, pantry, or bathroom cabinet. Just imagine how great these would look in a linen closet. Now that I’ve started using them, there’s no way I can go back to just stacking things neatly and hoping for the best. It’s an affordable, easy, and genius solution to upgrade your space in minutes.