This Micro-Cactus Trend Is Your New Living Room Decor Inspiration

published May 13, 2018
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Tiny things are cute, right? Puppies, kittens, even babies. When something is little, we all can’t help but coo at it. Just look at how people react to micro pigs! We all squeal. Well, this doesn’t just apply to animals and tiny humans. Apparently, even decor can get the micro treatment and look even better.

Nothing stinks more than trying to decorate your space, but you don’t really have any space to decorate. Studio apartments and even 600-square-foot one-bedroom apartments can sometimes feel like a closet. Once you’ve gotten in all of your necessary furniture, it feels like there really isn’t any room left for decor.

Well, you can always squeeze in something little and a micro cactus is exactly what you need. These micro cacti are beyond cute.

Etsy seller Tierra Sol Studio sells micro cacti, for “Plant Killers who are Plant Lovers.” The Etsy seller makes handmade ceramics, hand grown plants, and even mixes the soil with her hands.

Her Rosita micro cactus is described as:

This Mini Cactus and Mini Ceramic Planter is everything you need for an adorable, low maintenance, long lasting, minimal plant and planter for any space—made for plant killers!

The Etsy account has over 1,000 reviews and five stars – meaning, people love her products. Who wouldn’t love something handmade with such care?

One reviewer wrote:

So unique. Made a centerpiece for dining room table with these succulents/cacti. Looks fabulous.

These micro cacti can go virtually anywhere in your home. You can order multiple and group them for a stylish dining room centerpiece. You can line your living room window with them. They can stand out on your coffee table. They’d look adorable on your nightstand! Honestly, I can’t picture anywhere in a home that these wouldn’t fit in.

Tierra Sol Studio sells a variety of micro cacti, as well as larger handmade and grown items like succulents. The micro cacti range in price from $15 to $16.