These Mid-Century Birdhouses Are So Cute, You’ll Want to Live in Them

published May 14, 2020
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With many iconic mid-century modern houses carrying hefty price tags (this Frank Lloyd Wright, for instance, is selling for $10M), it’s not exactly practical to move in anytime soon. However, with a bit of downsizing, our feathered friends surely can.

California-based artist Douglas Barnhard creates custom birdhouses inspired by the works of famous modernist architects like Joseph Eichler and institutions like the Bauhaus School in Germany. Each sculpture is made from high-end repurposed materials, and features additions like mini gardens and feeders that are smoothly integrated into the design.

The San Rafael birdhouse, for example, was designed with the sixties style of Eichler homes in mind. It’s made from bamboo wood, and comes with a double-sided birdseed “fireplace,” a provision for succulents, and a teal-colored water dish that gives the structure a nice accent.

If you absolutely love geometry, then these birdhouses will add some gorgeous line and angles to your garden. Just look at the retro metallic screen on this one:

At times, Barnhard combines various architectural styles together, like the Mixed Media birdhouse which incorporates Lloyd Wright, Eichler, and Bauhaus. 

And if you really want a birdhouse that’s realistic, here’s one that has a garage illuminated using electricity from a solar panel. Also peep the custom address numbers. Cute!

Barnhard isn’t the only artist creating such artworks. Over in Vermont, designer Steve Hadeka also practices the same craft, the birdhouse you’ll see below the result of eight years of research and development. Called the Palm Canyon birdhouse, it features sleek lines and a stunning color palette that will catch anyone’s eye.

Check out some more mid-century modern birdhouses below: