Miele’s New Vacuum Might Make You a Stick Vacuum Convert

updated Dec 16, 2020
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someone vacuuming home rug
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Earlier this year, we rounded up our very favorite vacuum cleaners of 2020 and the Miele Compact C1 made the list for Best Canister. If you have ever owned a Miele, this will come as no surprise. The German manufacturer is known for its highly-dependable and powerful canister vacuums.

Really any canister vacuum from Miele is a good bet. I have had mine, the Complete C3 Alize for 12 years and it has been the workhorse of every home I’ve lived in since then, from a teeny-tiny Brooklyn studio to a four-bedroom home. Still, I have to confess to being tempted by Miele’s latest release, its first stick vacuum, the Miele Triflex HX1.

But, let’s back up for a minute: What is a stick vacuum exactly and what is it good for?

A stick vacuum is very much what it sounds like: It’s a lightweight, compact, stick-like vacuum that’s easy to store and easy to maneuver. Most stick vacuums are also cordless and have two configurations: upright and handheld. The only downside is that stick vacuums typically have less power than upright or canister vacuums.

It’s a great secondary vacuum for bigger homes and an ideal all-in-one vacuum cleaner for small apartments.

So, what makes the Miele Triflex HX1 so special? A few things.

First, as the name indicates, the stick has three different configurations, one handheld and two upright. With the power unit at the top of the stick, near the handle, the vacuum can easily reach under sofas or other low furniture, and can also be used to clean up high—ceiling moldings, for example. With the power unit (and the majority of the weight) toward the bottom of the stick, the vacuum is more stable and maneuverable, almost like a regular upright vacuum.

There’s also the battery power—each of two batteries allows for a full hour of run time—and the lifetime HEPA filter that never (ever) needs to be replaced. And then there’s the fact that this is a Miele vacuum, which means its powerful suction works well on all surfaces.

Of course, it doesn’t come cheap: The stick vacuum starts at $499 and the cat & dog model is a whopping $699. Still, for a tool that you’ll use almost everyday, it might be worth it.