You’re a True Millennial If You Win This Bingo Game

published Aug 24, 2018
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(Image credit: Kath Nash)

We forecast—and set—decor trends all the time here at Apartment Therapy. But what does a “trend” even mean and where do they come from in the first place? “Trends are heavily influenced by pop culture, fashion, food, music, the streets, and sometimes what is going on in the world politically,” Lori Weitzner, author of Ode to Color, previously told the site.

Sometimes when you hear about one it can start to feel like it’s popping up all over the place. Velvet is in? Wait, does everyone have a velvet couch, or is it just me? (Actually, it is me, I have one, but that’s besides the point.) There’s a name for that and it’s called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Basically, the idea is that once you learn about something, not only does your brain begin noticing similar patterns, but it also starts blocking out anything that doesn’t affirm it. So if “millennial pink” is hot, not only do you notice every time you see a room painted that color, but you pay even less attention any time a room is painted Gen Z yellow, lavender, or plain-old white.

Well, maybe it’s Baider-Meinhof, but sometimes I feel like there are a few trends I see just about everywhere. Including my own. Lucite. Marble. And yes, velvet. And I’m totally guilty too (hey, they’re trendy for a reason, right?).

Recently, our managing editor, Sarah Yang, offered me a free chunky knit blanket she received in a promotional mailer and I scooped it up. But when I introduced it to my apartment, I asked her if my place was starting to look like a game of millennial apartment bingo. So, of course, we made a game of millennial apartment bingo. Because if you can’t make fun of yourself, then what are you even doing?

(Image credit: Kath Nash)

I’ll cop to getting Bingo at least two different ways. Of course, at the end of the day, fad or no fad, I say fill your home with the things you like looking at and that make it feel like you—unapologetically. We’ll try to help you with lots of ideas along the way.