The Secret to Making Millennial Pink Feel New Again? Pairing It with Red

published Aug 25, 2018
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(Image credit: Probably This)

Face it, millennial pink isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

We loved the shade as much as the next person when it first came onto the scene in 2016. But two years later? It often feels stale and played out.

If you want to freshen up the celebrated color, try pairing it with red.

Let’s get one thing straight: This color combination is a far cry from what you see on cheesy Valentine’s Day decorations. When paired with red, millennial pink looks bold and feminine—like a true “it” color.

Here, six stylish ways to bring this color combination into your home:

1. Kickin’ it Old School

(Image credit: Melanie Rieders)

Coco Cohn’s Upper West Side apartment proves a little pop of color goes a long way. The subtle red piping on the shower curtain offers a quirky—and kind of retro—vibe.

2. Think Pink

(Image credit: Probably This)

Millennial pink isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so go ahead and make it a permanent fixture in your home. When painted on your walls, as seen on Probably This, millennial pink acts like a neutral and creates blank canvas for mixing an array of prints and colors.

3. Double Trouble

(Image credit: Photographed by Susie Lowe, Designed by The Pink House)

Or, if you really love this combination, invest in a wallpaper that features both colors. We love this whimsical toile print on A Beautiful Mess.

4. Tone It Down

(Image credit: Ochre)

No, a millennial pink and red room doesn’t have to be bright and bubbly. If color isn’t really your thing, opt for muted shades of each hue. Ochre‘s take on the pairing looks sophisticated, but still makes a statement.

5. Make Room for Modern

(Image credit: Drew Kelly)

If your aesthetic skews modern, take a page out of Antonio Martins‘ book. With a clean color palette and large, sleek pieces, Martin’s iteration is impactful, but not cutesy.

6. Rainbow Room

(Image credit: Dan Mazzarini/BHDM)

Truth is, many people associate pink and red with Valentine’s Day. Kick any February 14 connotations to the curb by adding some navy pieces. Let BHDM Design‘s Dan Mazzarini show you how it’s done.