The Internet Is Losing It Over This $1.4 Million House Listing With A Toilet in the Bedroom

published Sep 11, 2022
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Luxury real estate has always been its own beast. But thanks to social media, some truly strange million-dollar listings have gone viral, as everyday people question how such eccentric houses can carry such high asking prices.

That’s what happened to a $1.4 million Toronto home which features, among other things, a toilet and shower in the master bedroom.

Realtor Nero Naveendran recently showed off the house in a video on his TikTok account, @realtor.nero.

“This is what $1.95M buys you in Toronto,” the caption reads. In U.S. dollars, that adds up to around $1.4 million.

The house stands out right away by virtue of just how narrow it is. Made out of what looks like metal shipping containers, it resembles stacked hallways more than a traditional home. After walking through a bright orange entryway, Naveendran leads viewers into a motel-like kitchen that seemingly lacks an oven and a stovetop. Meanwhile, a mounted bicycle hangs precariously over a nearby dining table.

But what truly boggled viewers’ minds was the bedroom, which houses a shower and a toilet. The sink sits just outside, and is built into the hallway.

Naveendran’s original TikTok video has racked up over 146,200 likes, and a tweet featuring the video has received over 40,700 likes. However, most of the attention on the house hasn’t been positive.

“Who tryna live in 3 hallways stacked together,” one Twitter user replied.

Meanwhile, over 32,000 people liked another person’s Twitter reply: “Toilet in my bedroom absolutely not.”

A TikTok user pointed out another feature that many viewers appeared to overlook: “Everyone’s talking about the toilet but there’s literally only a microwave in the kitchen.”

Unsurprisingly, the home’s official listing paints a much more flattering version. When realtor Keven Trudel shared photos of the house on Facebook in August, he described it as a “unique modern creation that is exceptionally durable and low maintenance.”

“It is currently divided into three separate residential units, each with its own private entrance, but could easy and quickly [be] converted back to a single family home.”
The entire space is 1,693 square feet, and features three bedrooms, four washrooms, and three kitchens. How many washrooms are also located in bedrooms is unclear.