12 Clever Minimalist Christmas Tree Ideas for Every Type of Home

published Nov 24, 2023
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small xmas tree on a stool in front of a bookshelf
Credit: Katie Holdefehr

Let’s face it: Decorating a Christmas tree can be exhausting. Real or fake, you have to set it up, add lights, ornaments, tinsel, a topper, a skirt, and the list could go on and on. And some trees can look a little too fussed with. A minimalist Christmas tree doesn’t mean you nix all the add-ons, but you can skip some and be more intentional about others.

When you stick to the basics, you can still find a tree to fit any type of home — big, small, on wheels, and everything in between. Some of these clever ideas only need a tiny space on the wall. Decorating your tree with a minimalist mindset will look different for everyone. Whether you ditch ornaments, hang uniform baubles, or opt for a standing tree alternative, there are plenty of ways to achieve a minimalist Christmas tree. To inspire your clean lines and neutral tones, we rounded up 12 minimalist tree ideas. 

Credit: Abi Dare

1. Muted Tones 

This design by Abi Dare on These Four Walls dresses up a thick, green tree with ornaments in dusty pink, beige, and off-white. With a few strings of lights and minimal add-ons, like teardrop glass and pinecones, it’s perfectly cohesive. 

2. Photo “Tree”

You don’t need any tree, real or fake, to pull off Molly Madfis’ ingenious idea that’s a total space-saver. On Almost Makes Perfect, she shows you how to turn a print of an evergreen in the wild into a Christmas tree. You could hang it as-is or add a string of mini ornaments in the hue of your choice.

3. Elevated Style

Don’t have room to store a big tree? No problem! This look uses a plant stand to raise up the tree, and the neutral-colored basket keeps things minimal. From there, you can decorate however you please, but smaller ornaments and barely there string lights help contribute to a more muted look. 

4. Foodie Companion

Size down for a practical tree that adds cheer to your counter but won’t get in the way. Swap ornaments for dried fruits or herbs and get an extra scent boost each time you pass your tree. Using one fruit (or even cinnamon sticks!) throughout will keep a clean, minimalist look, but it’s a fun twist on traditional bulb ornaments. 

5. Wooden Scene

You can make a tree out of anything! This all-wooden tree is definitely a minimalist vibe, and depending on how you dress it up, it can fit any design aesthetic while still feeling simple. 

6. Wall Tree

Remember how I said you can make a tree out of anything? Grab some boughs, garland, or anything you can think of (seriously, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative), and create a tree shape on any wall in your home. The string lights that form the shape of a tree tie this design together. 

7. Line Up

This tree is giving minimalist clean lines. This sleek structured “tree” is made of wood planks that are painted black, complemented by black zig-zag planks down the center. It’s all finished with descending rows of neatly lined ornaments.

8. Get “Naked”

Going ornament-free is one of the chicest ways to decorate for Christmas. You might not think a tree dressed with nothing but a simple crocheted skirt could bring holiday vibes, but the clean look is ultra cheerful. 

9. DIY Macrame

Make your own Christmas tree that only needs a wall hanger. The white yarn helps contribute to the minimalist look, but you could also go for a more hemp-inspired rope to achieve a rustic aesthetic. Find the full tutorial here.

10. Basic in a Basket

If you want to go super minimalist, opt for a 2- or 3-foot tree grounded in a textured basket. Skip the lights, and focus on the tree’s base to add a cozy feel. This design stuffs a fluffy blanket in the basket and drapes a few ornaments around it, not on the tree itself. 

11. Stacked Sticks

This wall tree idea is perfect if you want to create a small, minimalist moment when the rest of your room might feel overwhelming, like in the case of the Instagram user who posted this photo. The simple adornments on the bare branches add the perfect amount of whimsy.

12. Dressed Down

What this tree has in height, it lacks in ornaments — and that’s a good thing! Nestled in a corner, its sparse branches, barely there string lights, and beaded garland are perfectly imperfect.