If You’re Drawn to More Than One Design Style, Try Choosing One for Each Room of the House

published Feb 2, 2023
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A queen sized bed with a yellow duvet and a large fan on the wall above the bed
Credit: Lexy Weixel
My bedroom

If you’re into interior design, collecting things from your travels, or just making your space as personal as possible, it’s likely that your tastes span a range of decades and styles. This is certainly one of the best parts of designing a home — figuring out ways to blend the new, old, and seemingly oddball pieces in a way that feels cohesive. You might not feel like an expert at juxtaposing styles just yet, and that’s more than okay. A great place to start experimenting is exemplified by Lexy Weixel‘s Chicago apartment.

Credit: Lexy Weixel
And even more living room

Lucky for Weixel, their apartment is comprised of separate rooms (instead of the ever-popular open concept style in rentals), so they were able to create different spaces within the same home. “I run a furniture selling business, and got super into ’80s Art Deco,” says Weixel. “However, the more I sold, my style changed. And I came to really fall in love with Space Age pieces and MCM, with some Art Deco still mixed in.” Compound a love of different styles with a corporate work-from-home job, and you’ve got a recipe for needing “three very distinct vibes for sleeping, relaxing, and working,” as Weixel says.

Credit: Lexy Weixel
Favorite part of my office

For the living room, Weixel focused on a natural vibe with warm, earthy tones. A creamy, off-white coffee table, black-and-white art piece, and a paper lampshade all contribute to the natural, neutral vibe, but a pop of yellow via a side table remains true to Weixel’s eclectic style. “In my office, I knew I wanted a bright Space Age vibe to bring me some energy on long days,” they say. A neon pink crayon, lego-inspired dresser, geometric art, and column somehow work together to create a peppy environment, while “the bedroom was based around the turmeric bedding and rug, and everything fell into place around it,” says Weixel. Moral of the story? Keep collecting, no matter the style.