This Amazon Prime Crystal Lamp Looks Way More Expensive than It Is

published May 9, 2023
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I’m the last person on the planet who needs another lamp. But when you spend your days writing about and researching home decor items for a living, you begin to play favorites when it comes to home decor and accessories. Lamps are one of those accent pieces that I will just never be able to ignore! So many styles capture my attention when I’m thrifting and online shopping, and I love how many lamps work some of my favorite design materials — rattan, printed fabric, brass — into both their bases and shades. 

The good news is that lamps (and small lamps, in particular) can shine (ha!) in any area of the home. Have space on your kitchen counter for a lamp? By all means, go for it. Love the look of a lamp sitting on the mantel? You can make that happen, too! I’ve even styled lamps on bar carts and cabinets in the past. 

While browsing Amazon a while back, I came across this petite crystal lamp, which I had seen a few of my favorite home decor influencers share in late 2022. It was one of those pieces I immediately fell for when I saw it — I just didn’t have space for it at the time, so I managed to resist placing an order for a couple of months. But when I clicked on the lamp this second time around, I realized I could totally justify purchasing it because I had the perfect place in mind: my bedroom vanity. 

I purchased a vanity secondhand earlier this year, gave it a bit of a makeover with some paint and new hardware, and placed it near my bed. I’m still in the process of styling the piece, but I was feeling like the tall brass lamp that I had originally chosen for the vanity was just a bit too large and visually heavy for the area. Off to another spot in my apartment it went, and in came this beauty, which arrived in just a day (thanks, Prime shipping!). When I unboxed it, I realized that it’s a great riff on other high-end crystal lamps I’ve admired for a long time. At $170, though, while not exactly inexpensive, it’s several hundred dollars cheaper than any of those designer styles I had my eye on before. 

Although small, this mini lamp is quite substantial weight-wise while still remaining visually light, and it just feels like it was made for this new spot. I don’t always love to have my overhead light on (who does?), and this piece casts such a nice warm glow as I wind down in the evenings. It’d also be a great size for a nightstand if you don’t have space for a larger piece, like a dresser or vanity, in your bedroom. What’s nice is stylistically, it really goes with everything. The round crystal base may read a little glam or Hollywood Regency upon first look, but I feel like it has a romantic, Parisian flair to it, too. It’d also be great in a transitional or traditional space, and I’d think it could hang in an Art Deco-inspired setting as well. 

Credit: Sarah Lyon

As I mentioned earlier, lamps are useful all over a home, so if I ever tire of this one on my vanity, I could see moving it to my kitchen, styling it on a desk, or even placing it on a console. The options are endless!