Two Creatives Personalized a Blank New Build With Marvelous Modern Millwork

published May 25, 2022
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Two Creatives Personalized a Blank New Build With Marvelous Modern Millwork

published May 25, 2022
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Name: Jeff and Emily Daws, and 2-year-old son, Harrison
Location: Johns Island, South Carolina
Size: 2,800 square feet
Type of Home: Single family home with detached garage/workshop. A modern farmhouse-inspired exterior with horizontal siding, expansive porches and timeless metal roofing.
Years lived in: 1 year, owned

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Jeff and Emily Daws considered their home — a single family house with detached garage and workshop — a blank slate when they first purchased it a year ago. “A new build with limited options to customize, we were excited to move in and make our mark,” writes Jeff. “Influenced by the architectural charm of iconic Charleston homes, my wife Emily and I knew these white walls could use some character.” A lot of that character comes from the unique wood millwork, which Jeff crafts as the owner and lead creative at Palisades Modern Millwork.

Nearly every room in the couple’s home features some millwork, but this isn’t typical molding or beadboard. The living room has vertical strips of wood with angular edges that create an alluring 3D pattern. The bedroom sports a half-wall treatment with strips of wood in a triangle pattern. A guest bedroom makes a statement with a floor-to-ceiling headboard, and even the home’s office has unique millwork: a hip half wall interpretation of the trendy fluted wood look.

Jeff’s wood millwork sets a modern and earthy tone for the home, and Emily, a textile designer and the owner of Emily Daws Textiles, complements the handcrafted elements beautifully with her textile contributions, which are “inspired by the earthy palette of sunlit shores and breezy blues of island marshes…”

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Modern, coastal with collections of meaningful vintage pieces.

Inspiration: Surrounding beaches and the island’s outdoor lifestyle mixed with the charm of historic Charleston.

Favorite Element: We have really loved having a second floor open loft. We use this room mainly as an extra family room and playroom for our son, Harrison. With a large sectional and oversized ottoman, this room has become our go-to for movie nights.

What is your favorite thing about your home? Having a separate third story for my wife’s studio and private home office for myself has been a game changer. With everything now under one roof, being able to tag team our parental duties while having access to a quiet dedicated work space at a moment’s notice has made a huge difference in productivity.

Biggest Challenge: By adding the third floor studio we lost the open staircase due to the structural wall needed to support the extra square footage. We invested in this area by incorporating a large price of art and statement console to fill the wall and make this space feel more intentional.

Proudest DIY: Our home was a new build in a planned development, and with that came countless large, monochromatic walls. We knew we could always hang art or roll some paint on the wall but we wanted to try something different. The wall treatments I crafted for our home started with the idea to add three dimensional interest to these empty spaces, acting as large art installations in some rooms, while simply adding much needed texture in others.

Biggest Indulgence: We only kept a small number of pieces from our previous home so most of the furniture was new. Creating a functioning floor plan that worked for our family while achieving a style that would stand the test of time was a balancing act.

Is there something unique about your home or the way you use it? A unique aspect of our home is that it doubles as a showroom of my wife’s business. My wife Emily is an incredible textile designer. She has created collections based on Charleston’s foliage, architecture, and landmarks. Draperies and pillows with her patterns are scattered throughout the house; we always have to fresh rotation of the best she has to offer.







Thanks Jeff and Emily!

This submission’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.