This TikToker Turned Her Window Into a Kaleidoscope, and It Looks So Mesmerizing

published Jan 19, 2023
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When content creator Maya Symone found her windows left her a bit too exposed, she didn’t put up blinds nor curtains. Instead, she put up something surprisingly better: art.

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In her video, Symone demonstrates how to turn a window into a kaleidoscope with adhesive film, creating a sense of privacy while also improving aesthetics. To begin, she cleaned her windows, then measured the film against the glass to determine the amount needed to cover the area. Next, she spritzed soapy water onto the window before applying the film. To remove any air bubbles for a smooth finish, she used a squeegee — or if you don’t have one, an old gift card would suffice.

The process takes a while, but the result is totally worth it: a window that gives off sunlight like, in Symone’s words, a “fairy rainbow” and a “magical princess kingdom.”

Her followers agreed. “I did this in my LA apartment lol 10/10 would recommend,” reads one comment, while another said: “This has been in my Amazon wish list for MONTHS this is my sign to buy already.”

According to Symone, the film also blocks out 96 percent of ultraviolet rays, so it’s a great way of getting your daily dose of serotonin without getting sunburned. 

It’s plant-friendly too, says one commenter: “I did some research and plants might go through an adjustment phase but should be fine. I’ve had mine up 9 months and my plants are fine and dandy.”

Take note though that while the mosaic improves privacy, people outside could still see your blurry outline. And if you’re the nosy type and would like to look outside once in a while, you can simply apply the film on the lower window, so you can still peek from the upper one.

For renters, the film peels right off and doesn’t leave any residue. No need to worry about not getting your security deposit back.

You can buy the Volcanics Window Privacy Film for $9.99 on Amazon.