This Is the Most Timeless Home Decor Trend, According to Designers

published Jul 3, 2021
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Design trends come and go, but designers agree marble is a keeper. “Marble is like the color black: It’s timeless, chic, and will always be in style,” designer Anne Kokoskie says. Need proof? “Just look at cathedrals in Paris and churches from hundreds of years ago. Their marble floors and walls stand the test of time both aesthetically and technically,” says designer Lindsay Todd.

Here, experts share their thoughts on why marble finishes steal the show and aren’t going away anytime soon.

It’s versatile

Marble flawlessly complements many other design elements and is a winner no matter one’s style. “Mixing marble with other textures and colors can really enhance the overall design of any space,” says designer Jamie King.

And it doesn’t matter whether your decor leans traditional, modern, or takes another direction entirely — marble will still complement your setup. “Marble crosses design styles easily,” designer Rebecca Johnston says. That’s largely in part due to its versatility. “It comes in all sorts of colors and variations, which means it is an easy material to fit into your space, no matter the design aesthetic,” adds designer Amanda Thompson,

Credit: Holly Tsai

It looks beautiful in large and small doses

Marble will always make a statement, so if cost prevents you from using it in large quantities, fear not. “Incorporate it in smaller ways throughout your home with accessories, such as marble bookends, a decorative marble object, or through an accent piece like a side table,” says designer Courtney Sempliner suggests.

It tells a story

While marble does reflect wear and tear relatively easily, some designers view this as a positive. “As marble patinas, you are gifted a sense of character and charm that is difficult to replicate in other materials,” designer Molly Machmer-Wessels explains. And many other pros appreciate this charm. “As a designer, that is part of the character I’m drawn to,” Sara Cukerbaum explains. “As a homeowner, you have to be prepared and comfortable with the aging process.”

Todd agrees. “The marks and scratches tell the story—whether it’s the splatter of red wine from last night’s dinner among friends or the etching of lemon and citrus from making lemonade,” she says. “If your client is one that can appreciate that aspect of the material, then I would recommend it time and time again.”