Move Over Bar Cart, Coffee Stations Are What’s Hot Now

published Dec 6, 2017

Bar carts may be the stars of the evening, but mornings deserve our attention too. If you’re a coffee drinker, you’re probably making at least a cup a day, so why not set up a stylish space to make your morning ritual a little smoother? It only takes a shelf or cart, some mugs, a coffee maker and, of course, your favorite brew.

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The secret to styling a hard-working coffee cart? Levels. When you kit out your station tier by tier, you’ll fit more function (and more personal style) into a small space. We gave it a lot of thought (i.e., wanted an excuse to drink lots of coffee) and found this setup worked best for us…

Level 1: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

The most important ingredient goes right to the top of the cart along with your brewer. Whether you have a Keurig® Coffee Maker, a drip machine, or both, give it the prime real estate — easy access is key for sleepy mornings. You can also keep treats like biscotti nearby. If there’s room, it’s nice to add a stack of saucers, and a vase of fresh flowers to look at first thing in the morning.

Level 2: Mugs, Spoons, and Extra Supplies

Cups live on the next level down. A tray organizes mismatched mugs and makes them feel like a true collection; a ceramic cup wrangles spoons and stirrers. Pro tip: keep an extra supply of coffee here, too. When you run out on level 1, you’ll be spared the agony of a coffee-less morning.

Level 3: Napkins, Bowls, and Books

When guests drop in, it’s nice to have a bunch of napkins at the ready. A stack of bowls lets you quickly grab some snacks and set them out for visitors. We also love storing cookbooks on the bottom level, since there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen.

(Image credit: Creative Studio)

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