“MTV Cribs” Is Making a Comeback, But Can Anything Top Mariah Carey in the Tub?

updated Oct 15, 2020
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As so many people have spent more time this year than ever before inside their homes, few things make more sense than the fact that “MTV Cribs” is getting a reboot. The hit series that gave unprecedented access to the homes of celebrities in the early aughts is making its big comeback during the current COVID era, which might prove to be either the best escape for your own cabin fever, or a glaring reminder that celebrities get to ride out the pandemic in palatial slices of paradise.

As Variety reported, MTV International will launch the updated version of “Cribs” this month, featuring glimpses into the homes of the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, JoJo Siwa, Christine Quinn from “Selling Sunset,” Alyssa Edwards from “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and more, serving as a delightfully dizzy group of famous faces displaying what is sure to be an eclectic range of homes. The reboot isn’t slated to come stateside until sometime in 2021, but if it’s anything like its original run, it’s sure to be fully over-the-top.

In a statement announcing the news, Craig Orr, vice president of original content and development for youth and entertainment at ViacomCBS Networks International said, “As we spend more time at home this year, our fascination with where and how others live is growing. ‘MTV Cribs’ continues to connect our worldwide audiences with their favorite stars as they welcome us into their homes for an exclusive tour. This is pure property porn escapism at its most fabulous.”

Though “Cribs” has come back in multiple iterations over the years, it’s the original series that can be credited with leaving an indelible mark on the reality TV landscape. Ozzy Osbourne’s family showed off their kooky Beverly Hills mansion in the series’ debut episode in 2000, which inspired both the family and MTV execs to greenlight “The Osbournes,” often considered the first celebrity-based reality TV series. The success of that show inspired Ryan Seacrest to create a similar series featuring the blended Kardashian-Jenner family…and, of course, the rest is reality TV history.

Of course, the thing that separates the “Cribs” of 2020 from the “Cribs” of 2000 is social media—fans and followers are sometimes privy to the living corners of their favorite celebs by way of Instagram photos and videos, and even Zoom interviews, thanks to the pandemic. Still, few platforms give as much access to the intimate details of a famous person’s home quite like “Cribs,” so here’s hoping the reboot brings some moments that are equally iconic, like the time Mariah Carey showed off her luxe NYC penthouse and straight-up got into the tub with the cameras rolling, or the fact that Missy Elliott had both a car-shaped bed and a lounge chair with fish tanks in the arm rests.