This Adorable $9 Mushroom Night-Light Is an Instant Mood Booster (And It’s on Sale!)

published Jun 15, 2023
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Sometimes you just need to add something to your home decor that speaks to your inner child. Who says you have to take yourself 100 percent seriously when picking items for your space? The dopamine decor trend that’s been going around TikTok recently is all about that — choosing kitschy, eclectic, often colorful items that give you an instant serotonin boost rather than adhering to the minimalist, beige aesthetic that you may think is necessary to have a mature- and classy-looking home. 

But fun should be had with decor, even in small ways — whether it be in hanging disco balls from your ceiling, adding beaded curtains to your windows, or adding a funky piece of lighting to your bedroom. If the convenience of the latter is speaking to you — lighting is one of the simplest ways to zhuzh up a space — let me put you onto a truly amazing (and affordable) Amazon find: the AUSAYE Mushroom Night-Light

What is the AUSAYE Mushroom Night-Light?

A night light is a wildly easy and cheap way to add a bit of fun to a room — and it’s not just an item meant for kids (though, it would definitely look perfect in a kid’s room). It’s a practical item for anyone, regardless of age. Most importantly, night lights help you avoid tripping over things during late-night trips to the bathroom or kitchen. And if you can avoid the harsh glare of overhead lights — at least for me, turning them on always makes it frustratingly hard to go back to sleep — that’s a win in my book.

Plus, it comes in blue, yellow, green, and red, so there’s definitely an option that’ll fit the vibe of your room. Or, if you really want to play into the psychedelia, there’s a color-changing option that rotates between blue, purple, red, and white. The night light emits a soft glow from the head of the mushroom shape that isn’t so bright that it’ll interrupt your rest, and it has an LED-intelligent control sensor that turns on automatically in the dark and shuts off during the daytime. But, of course, it looks adorable no matter if it’s lit up or not.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.3/5 

“This mushroom is completely adorable and makes family and guests happy any time they enter our bathroom. It’s a great low night light but isn’t terribly bright which we prefer.” – Belchers

“The nightlight produces a soft glow that doesn’t keep you awake or leave a room too dark for children. The mushroom design is super cute and gives any room a little whimsy.” – Coraline Rose

“Our family really likes this nightlight in the hallway between our kids kid’s bedrooms and bathroom. Just enough light to see, not too bright. It changes colors which is very soothing! Makes me smile when I see it!” – Jessica Nelson

With a 5 percent coupon applied at checkout, it’s an even better deal, and this night light is almost guaranteed to make you or your houseguests light up any time it comes into view, and that’s priceless.

Buy: ASUYE Mushroom Night-Light, $8.49 (usually $8.99)