Nail the Mixed Metal Look at Home With These 5 Easy-to-Follow Tips

published Oct 9, 2016
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(Image credit: Popsugar)

One is silver and the other’s gold…or is it rose gold now? Incorporating metallics into your decor is a great way to elevate your space, but the temptation to replace all of your fixtures every time a new finish “reigns supreme” is hard to avoid. Here are some shining (shimmering, splendid) examples of spaces that masterfully mix metals to help yours stand the test of time.

(Image credit: StyleCarrot)

Metal Mashup #1: Shiny on Shiny

Whether in cool tones, warm tones, or a mixture of both, combining super sleek, polished metals can look really chic. Beware mixing too many varying tones with this look, or it could end up looking more garish than glamorous. Try a base of chrome on furnishings, and add in polished copper or brass in accents, like the room above spotted on Stylecarrot.

(Image credit: Natalie Franke)

Metal Mashup #2: Texture on Texture

Layering up on different textures will balance out your many metallics and give your room some depth and coziness. Look for the gleaming hues in leather poufs, sequins throw pillows, and even threaded through rugs and blankets, as seen in the home of The Glitter Guide’s Editorial Director, Caitlin Moran.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Metal Mashup #3: Mix in Natural Materials

Metal is a bit cold and stark when left alone. Adding a blend of different natural materials, like wood and leather, can add warmth and a casualness to a metallic-heavy design.

(Image credit: Popsugar)

Metal Mashup #4: Lush Fabrics in Rich Colors

Adding lush, rich fabrics like velvet is another way to add warmth to sleek chrome or polished brass pieces (especially on furniture). Cold metals cohabitate wonderfully with deep jewel tones.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Metal Mashup #5: Evenly Distribute

Evenly distributing your metals throughout a room (or bookshelf), again, creates balance. Whether you choose a dominant metal or mix them up 50/50, making sure they’re evenly distributed is a good rule of thumb to keep things easy on the eyes.

Lastly, remember there is no right or wrong way to design your own space! If you’re mixing metals in a totally different way that’s working for you, go for the gold (and, please, do tell)!