Nate Berkus’ “Pillow Philosophy” Is a Recipe for the Perfect Mix

published Sep 11, 2023
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bedroom with pale neutral walls, bed with orange and green linens, bold black and white geometric patterned rug, sliding door in muted blue/green, black ceiling fan, vintage print of plants, bird over bed, slatted wood headboard, deep purple bedside table

If your collection of throw pillows on your couch or on your bed is looking a bit cluttered and disjointed, then it’s time to take yet another page from Nate Berkus’ design book. He recently shared his “pillow philosophy” with his Instagram followers and it just makes sense. 

“My pillow philosophy: heavy on texture > heavy on color,” Berkus wrote in the caption of his Instagram video. “I love a pillow that can be mixed, matched, and honestly taken to any room of the house and blend right in.”

He used the taupe textured decorative pillow from Nate Home as an example in his video because he loves how it’s a neutral shade, but offers so much visual interest because of the striped texture.

“I love mixing all of these pieces with pillows that have patterns and different saturations,” he said. “And so here you can see this works with velvet, it works with this tiny pinstripe, and it really is unbelievably versatile.”

And although you usually find these oblong pillows in the bedroom, Berkus said, “This pillow can go in any room. It’s not just for the bed.” The shape variation can also add so much to your pillow layout.

And even if you’re not interested in mixing your textured pillows in with different patterned and colored pillows, they work so well with other neutral throw pillows, too — textured or not.

So, to bring your throw pillows together and make them look more cohesive, add a few textured neutral pillows into the collection to add dimension, tone down any loud hues, and also make your couch or bed that much comfier!