The One Decor Piece That Never Goes Out of Style, According to Nate Berkus

published Aug 29, 2023
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Headshot of nate berkus
Credit: Photos: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are big fans of decorating with vintage and antique pieces, and according to Berkus, there’s one type of antique furniture he will always pick up: rustic wood. Not only does it look beautiful, but, according to Berkus, a piece of rustic wood furniture has already (and will continue to) stand the test of time.

“One thing I’ve always gravitated towards, and I think actually stands the test of time, are rustic wood pieces of furniture in their original finish, nothing fancy,” he said in a recent Instagram video. “This table Jer and I found on a trip to Peru, which was incredible that we were able to get it back here. And it’s been in every single home of ours since then.”

Next to the table, Berkus also pointed out that his kids’ dress-up closet is a rustic wood cabinet that is completely unfinished, dinged up, and full of character.

“When you use things that have a lot of character and patination and wear, you don’t have to baby them,” Berkus said. “Our kids can’t ruin this.”

“Rustic wood and stone pottery,” one person commented on Berkus’ post. “Wood and stone, things to build a foundation on.”

Another person shared, “I find nothing better than having rustic, antique, or vintage furniture in my home. When our children use these pieces every day they will also grow up knowing how exceptionally beautiful and sturdy they are. I’m pretty sure your children will someday be living with these pieces in their homes.”

Before you pick out something new, search around for something old, weathered, and sturdy to bring life into your living space. Rustic pieces have lasted this long, so they’ll absolutely hold up in your home for another generation or two.