The Moment of Zen Hiding in Nate Berkus’ Kitchen

published Aug 7, 2023
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Headshot of nate berkus
Credit: Photos: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

In another moment of triple-Virgo bliss, Nate Berkus proudly showed off his spectacularly organized spice drawer in a recent Instagram video, and yeah, it’s incredible. It’s actually so well organized that he uses it as a sort of meditation space at the end of a long, trying day.

“This is another organizational moment in our house that I’m very proud of,” Berkus said in his video. “In fact, sometimes when I’m really stressed out and having a really crazy day, I just come stand here and stare at our spice drawer because it calms me down.”

And although you may think that Berkus’ triple-Virgo brain must be the driving force behind this feast for the eyes, you’d actually be wrong. This was all Jeremiah Brent’s doing — but Berkus is still taking credit. Brent had to get inspiration from somewhere, right?

“I take 100-percent full credit for this entire thing, even though Jeremiah found the bottles, found the place online where you can print labels, decided that this was the spice drawer, and even put these rubber things on the bottom of the drawer so the drawers don’t hit one another. But I still want to take full credit for this, so I am. Sorry, Jer.”

Although Brent sourced the bottles and labels separately, you can actually buy entire spice drawer kits online. This kit from Amazon, for example, comes with 24 spice jars and two kinds of pre-printed labels for all your basic spices.

If you want to get really triple Virgo about it, then you might want to measure your spice drawer as well as any potential jars you’re thinking of getting to make sure you get a perfect fit, just like Brent and Berkus’ drawer.

Who knew a spice drawer could be a form of therapy?