10 Neon Lights, Lamps, and Mirrors to Help You Create Your Best, Brightest Room

published Jan 31, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Neon lights are having a moment in the design world, and for a good reason. Since neon lights and shade-shifting bulbs can cast a colorful glow onto your walls, they allow you to create a brightly-hued space at home on demand for a fraction of the cost of painting. Furthermore, after installation, all this transformation takes is a flick of a switch. “As we spend more time indoors, people are looking for ways to reinvent their spaces with bright, color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks,” says Swasti Sarna, an insights manager at Pinterest. “Neon lights and signs are a creative way to brighten up a room and uplift the mood.”

Interested in trying out a neon light at home? From neon sign-inspired table lamps to app-enabled color-changing light bulbs, these 10 affordable yet stylish neon light options will fill your rooms with color — no paint necessary!

Credit: Hay

1. Simple Tube Light

If you love the idea of a color-drenched room but aren’t a fan of flashy neon signs, then this simple LED light is the solution for you. Designed to look like a neon tube and reminiscent of the minimalist work of fluorescent artist Dan Flavin, simply prop this clean-lined LED light upright against a wall to cast a colorful glow throughout a room. 

Buy: Neon Tube LED, $55.00 from HAY

2. Soothing Neon Sign

Turn your bedroom into a serene oasis with a soothing blue neon sign that reminds you to kick back and chill out. “Pinners are focused on creating a calm bedroom space, and neon signs with words such as ‘relax’ allow you to slip into mindfulness,” Sarna says.  

Buy: Relax Neon Acrylic Box LED Sign, $69.99 $59.49 from American Art Decor

3. Smart Light Bulb

To cast a color-saturated glow throughout a room without taking up any additional space, pop a color-changing LED light bulb into a pendant light, table lamp, or overhead flush mount. This Bluetooth-enabled light bulb connects to an app on your smartphone, where you can pick an array of colors and intensities to create your own custom lighting scheme. 

Buy: Brilliant Ideas Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb, $18.00 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: West Elm

4. Calming Cloud Light

A neon sign on the wall above your bed is a clever way to create a more ambient bedroom atmosphere. This dreamy cloud-shaped neon LED light will cast a warm glow throughout your bedroom while providing a touch of illumination for nighttime activities like reading. 

Buy: Neon LED Cloud Decor, $100.00 from West Elm

Credit: Burke Decor

5. Little Cactus Lamp

A cute cactus lamp can brighten up a dim room with nature-inspired vibes in lieu of a leafy green houseplant. This retro-style table lamp is shaped like a saguaro cactus and casts a cool neon green light to boot. 

Buy: Small Cactus Neon Light, $30.00 from Burke Decor

Credit: Etsy

6. Letter Light

A neon letter light is a colorful way to personalize a space without breaking your bank account. This pink-hued LED sign is made-to-order in the letter of your choosing, and will only set you back $23. You could even use a few to spell out something short.  

Buy: GooddesignstudioUS LED Neon Letter Light, $24.99 $22.49 from Etsy

Credit: Neon MFG

7. Neon Table Lamp 

Why waste space on a humdrum table lamp when you can have a cool, conceptual neon table lamp sign on your nightstand? This table lamp-inspired LED sign is handcrafted from real glass tubes and supplies plenty of ambient bedside lighting. 

Buy: Table Lamp Neon Sign, $119.99 $69.99 from Neon MFG

Credit: Amped & Co

8. Inspirational Message

A neon sign with a motivational message can make a major statement in a space. “Pinners like to hang neon signs with motivational quotes above their desk or in their home gyms to stay inspired,” Sarna says. “It’s all about doing what makes you feel good!” 

Buy: “Love” LED Wall Light, $59.99 from Amped & Co

Credit: Yellow Pop

9. Feel-Good Sign

Usher some positive energy into your home with a neon light that spreads the love. This heart-shaped LED neon sign will liven up a bare wall with its cheery look and comes in your choice of 12 different colors. 

Buy: Big Big Heart LED Neon Sign, $150.00 from Yellowpop

10. Neon-Lit Mirror

A full-length mirror with neon lights can brighten up a room and create the illusion of more space. With its built-in LED lights that emit a colorful glow, this arched floor mirror not only looks like modern art, but it can also help open up a cramped area by visually expanding it.

Buy: Yvette LED Floor Mirror, $429.00 from Urban Outfitters